Action Trip: Gears of War 2 Review

Action Trip writes: "Technologically superior to practically every 360 release, GoW stood proudly atop the throne of action games for a long time. Besides amazing visual quality and high production values, this game had quite a lot to offer gameplay wise; not the least of which is the game's cover system. It was huge fun, provided you could stomach to the confusing and unbelievably corny storyline, along with the inevitable testosterone-driven characterization. As a true sequel should, Gears of War 2 aims to maintain all the qualities of the original, while pushing things further to make its own mark on the competitive market of action games. When Epic initially announced Gears of War 2, some part of me remained cynical about the prospect of a sequel that would actually make a significant improvement over a game that had already achieved its maximum. Well, anything's possible, right?"

+An epic, unforgettable experience
+Incredible atmosphere
+One of the best shooters out there

-Not quite there yet in terms of innovation
-A few AI bugs and intermittently glitchy driving sequences

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