GamesRadar: Call of Duty: World at War - Death Card Guide

Gone are the laptops of last year's Call of Duty 4. Death Cards are this fall's hottest searchable, and finding all 13 in Call of Duty: World at War's single player campaign opens up a bevy of cheat-tastic tweaks which you can enjoy in the brand spankin' new Co-op Mode. Death Cards unlock sweet stuff like exploding headshots, paintball mode, undead enemies, Vampire Skillz and much, much more. Think of them like those elusive Skulls in Halo 3, only nowhere near as hard to find... as long as you know what you're looking for.

Given that these are basically actual playing cards (stuck in the brim of a helmet sitting atop a horizontal rifle) relative to the size of your soldier, you're in for quite a bit of eye strain if you're brave enough to go it guideless. But fear not, dear reader! GamesRadar has listed the location of each and every Death Card. And along with a list of attributes, they've also posted a brief video to guarantee you can catch 'em all in the first play-through.

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VampHuntD3632d ago

I suppose I'll be using this cause finding a playing card on a battlefield doesn't sound that fun.