NXE Game to Hard Drive Install Chart - So how much time are you saving?

Rather than put credits at the bottom of this, Binge Gamer would like to give full thanks right here at the top to: Spidey987 at The AVForums, SynGamer at CheapAssGamer, Sean at NeoGAF, and any gamers in those threads who help contributed information.

All that was done here is put their collected information chart form. The chart will be updated as much as possible, drop a comment if you know how much time is saved on a particular game.

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PirateThom3687d ago

Halo 3 - "Load times are apparently worse (10 seconds longer) when installed"


I think this is because Halo 3 creates a cache on the 360 anyway, so it's effectively trying to run the data from two portions of the hard drive.

gaffyh3686d ago

Why the f*** is every website talking about installing games on 360 all of a sudden? It's annoying, I have a 20GB (or 13GB really), with something like 7GB free, I'm NOT going to install a game on that, and even if I was going to I'd only be able to install one game.

I expect that most 360 owners are in the same boat (well everyone with an old Premium 360). If that is the most major feature of NXE I don't give a sh*t, and I really don't care about Avatars either.

Gandhi693686d ago

As a ps3 owner, I don't think we can give X-Box fans are hard time about this.

reason 1: They have a choice to install or not, they can decide if the benefit of installing is worth it for themselves, where we do not have a choice.

reason 2: One disadvantage of Blu-Ray (in terms of installing on the HD) is that it might end up being that the games will be much larger, and the option to install becomes less and less viable (50 GB install for MGS4? No thanks..).

FantasyStar3686d ago

That is where I would decide to upgrade my HDD Gandhi. That's one thing PS3 has over 360 no matter what: The choice of HDD. Even though BR is destined to bring bigger games, we can definitely fit all of them on our 320GB HDDs or better yet, SSDs. Yes the PS3's memory controller definitely supports it and the dramatic increase in speed is welcomed. As of now, I consider 360's optional installs better than PS3's mandatory installs. What leaves me bitter was that Sony had 2 years to bring us the full-game install promised before PS3 Launch, yet I haven't seen any game, other than launch titles: give us full-game installs.

I love my 360 that much more. TBH

Richdad3686d ago

You are right abt full installs, but the new technique developed are favourable for Disc, using highly compressed textures and geometry and that is directly given to the renderer and it gets you result which would have seen with 4 GB of RAM on current consoles. Soon most games will have really high res textures and details and huge open world even while streaming from Disc.
But the positive point of full game install is safegaurd of game and disc also if a disc gets a little scratched and is not proper for high speed streaming used now a days, HDD install is a boon.

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JOLLY13686d ago

It would have been nice if they had more games tested

Pennywise3686d ago

The load time you are saving does not seem like it is worth the HDD space it will take up. 3-9GB......

Some of the load time saves are impressive like Lost Oddesy, but come on... Lost Odyssey 23.2GB 2 times faster playing off HDD

23.2GB INSTALL????? wowzers.

whoelse3686d ago

Yes some games its more worthwile than others.

joydestroy3686d ago

Mass Effect is definitely a game i'll be installing. i stopped playing it because of that lame loading crap. it just got soooo annoying.

Heldrasil3686d ago

4 DVD's...huge game, but install would be worth it!

Charlie26883686d ago

@joydestroy: Read the Eurogamer test (that so far has been the best since they actually know what they are talking about) for Mass Effect that while the load times were slightly reduce NON of the technically problems were fixed or reduced (as some people magically hoped they would)

joydestroy3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

From the Teamxbox Forums:

Mass Effect Install Test

Credit: Emenis

Disc Test:

Loading Final Boss Battle:

Load One: 11secs
Load Two: 11Secs
Load Three: 11secs
Load Four: 11 secs
Load Five: 11 secs

Texture Load:

Load One: 3 secs
Load Two: 3 secs
Load Three: 3 secs
Load Four: 3 secs
Load Five: 3 secs

Mass Effect Install Test:

Install Time: 11 Minutes

Loading Game:

Load One: 7secs (-4 Secs)
Load Two: 7secs (-4 Secs)
Load Three: 8secs (-3 Secs)
Load Four: 7secs (-4 Secs)
Load Five: 6secs (-5 Secs)

Texture Load:

Load One: 3 secs
Load Two: 2 secs (-1 Sec)
Load Three: 2 secs (-1 Sec)
Load Four: 2 secs (-1 Sec)
Load Five: 1 sec (-2 Sec)


Presidium Save Load Time:

Disc AVG: 12 Secs
Install Avg: 9 Secs

Presidium Save Texture Popin:

Disc Avg: 4 secs
Install Avg: 2secs

Initial Loading 25.5 seconds TO 20.5 seconds
Starting New Career 14 seconds TO 10 seconds
Normandy Quarters 12.5 seconds TO 10 seconds
Citadel Upper Wards 16 seconds TO 14 seconds

Ever since the concept of installing Xbox 360 games to hard disk was first mooted, the big "what if" has always been just how much better Mass Effect would be were it running from a medium faster than optical disc. The game's infamous for its protracted elevator rides (aka background disc loading), texture pop-in and gameplay glitches seemingly concurrent with DVD reading. Unfortunately of all the games tested in this feature, Mass Effect is the only one I've not really played before at all. Therefore, in the schedule allotted, the best I could do was to play the beginning of the game from both DVD and HDD.

Like Fable II, Mass Effect has tangible advantages running from hard disk, but unfortunately the NXE installation feature isn't the all-powerful Elder Wand required to magically erase Mass Effect's many technical issues. To begin with it's basically the same game with identical performance - texture pop-in doesn't seem so much removed, as relocated. I was unable to quantify this aspect of the game between the two video captures I recorded; when and where the pop-in occurred remained entirely arbitrary between both versions. I'm told that the texture pop-in becomes far more of an issue the further you play the game, so my observations here are far from conclusive - but I can't see running from HDD actually having a detrimental affect, and the advantages are well worth the installation.

First of all, in several occasions during my playtest, it became obvious that the DVD couldn't keep up with the player's progress. This would manifest in on-screen pauses and glitches accompanied by a mechanical form of protest from the DVD drive, at worst resulting in the game momentarily freezing with a 'loading' prompt helpfully explaining what was going on. In the same places, the HDD-installed version proved to be flawless. Unfortunately, there are no differences in the duration of the teeth-grindingly annoying elevator rides - clearly these were hard-coded in as opposed to being measured based on the data rate of the streaming.

So the jury's still out on Mass Effect, and it'll be interesting to see what kinds of improvement you guys who've got the saved games I wish I had see with this release. In the meantime, these meagre loading time observations will have to do...

the loading pauses that happen while playing is what i'm hoping to get rid of. everything else is fine with me. there just shouldn't be any CONSTANT in-game loading like there currently is in this game.

Richdad3686d ago

I dont know exactly how Eurogamer tested the game when I did I found that textures popins and menu loading time and sudden load time where substantially reduced. They might be talking abt the technical flaw of the game like characters blocked in a wall or sudden frame rate drops in heavy action sequences.

Charlie26883686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

@Richdad: I think I and Eurogamer are talking about the constant mention of people in various gaming sites saying that the use of a HDD for mass effect will magically fix all of the problems like the already debunked elevator ride reduced times the non disc search framerate issues or brutal slowdowns (for example how the game becomes a slide show when you fight those "dogs" in that colony) or the fact that you can only do so much for the texture pop in for UE3 games (hell even the PC version of Mass Effect and Gears of War has occasional texture pop in and that is with REAL installs) same goes for the peple that keep on insisting that the 360 ISO loader magically improves graphics or adds/upgrades textures >.>

cuz at the end there is so much an ISO loader can do without a real install being made by the dev with the specific needs of a game by game basis in mind

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GUNS N SWORDS3686d ago

don't really care what they compare, i got some of my own games that i want to test.

7 more days till NXE.

Richdad3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Load times are not reduced incredibly but some things are really good about this feature first that install is fast and doesnt takes much time . Also my 2 game GTA4 and NG2 were heavily scratched due mishandling NG2 load times where gone high and a lot of hicccps was there in the gameplay and audio felt to be lagging at cutscenes. GTA4 it gave me nightmares the textures of roads and buliding where not there sometimes.
Then I did this install thing with early preview update that came a week or sometime back and loaded these games, GTA4 is running with very low popins which are not noticeable and the game runs smooth and NG2 wow, the load times are gone down to half the orignal and the game runs without any hiccups or so, menus and cutscenes are seamless now. Also I have noticed that some fine details like stains on walls and similar details are now visible, these details where not visible earlier.
Also one more good thing is that your DVD drive is not running all the time so its life is prolonged.
I think seamless games or games with complex level design which stream continuosly should be installed. But games which load a level at once time like SC4,DMC4, Dark Sector and stream only momenterily are good enough with Disc.
Also I have tried Mass Effect via install and the improvements in that game are remarkable. The texture popins and frame rate hiccups are significantly reduced.

ActionBastard3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Just doesn't seem worthwhile to me.

v1c1ous3686d ago

doesnt seem worthwhile?

ActionBastard3686d ago

Correct. The OPTION to eat away 3-20GB of HDD space to shave 6-12 seconds off a game load doesn't seem worthwhile. Being optional is irrelevant.

Richdad3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

YOur drive life is incrased by 3 folds atleast and also the DVD spin sound is gone. Current games save only 4-5 secs since they where not made with this feature in mind, but in time the upcoming games will be doing it much better, and games runing from HDD will be loading much faster than from those running from disc.

jkoz3686d ago

Unless you install all four discs of Lost Odyssey or any other multi-disc game (which you don't need to, you only need to install the disc you're using atm), there's no way a game would take up 20GB. The most it would take is ~7GB and even then we see a lot of games that are less than this. It's absolutely worth it, as mentioned above it saves your drive speed, and in data intensive games like LO, it does make a difference in loading. If you want your DVD drive to die faster and have M$ charge you to replace it, then have fun. The rest of us will play our games like they were meant to be played.

ActionBastard3686d ago

The whole drive speed argument doesn't matter to me. No one cared about saving DVD drives or reducing drive noise last year...or the year before.

"The rest of us will play our games like they were meant to be played."

If that were true, this feature wouldn't have been added 3yrs later. Regardless, if spending 11 minutes installing a game that only saves you a few seconds of loading is your thing, go for it.

jkoz3686d ago

I'm not "spending" any time installing. There's this thing called the world. I don't need to do anything for it to install, I can walk away and let it do its thing and come back whenever. I can make a sandwich or do whatever else I was already planning on doing. Obviously they saw a need to offer the option and plenty of people are embracing the feature with open arms. I'm sure they didn't just decide to do that this year; the complaints have been many and they developed a solution, which took time. Yes, it's too bad that it took so long, but I don't understand how you can say that nobody complained about drive speed or noise in the past, because I've definitely heard plenty.

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