GameZone: BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE The Game Review

Alien Force falls into the same trap the last game did; the fact that Ben only has a few of his 10 heroes. In this case, Ben has access to five of his characters and this is where this title gets off on the wrong foot. Since the game assumes you have prior knowledge of the series and to what is going on, the developers needed to have made it so you had access to all 10 aliens from the get-go. GameZone understands why they did this, but it still isn't right. Now at the beginning you only start off with Swampfire, the alien who burrows underground like a plant, but then also throws flame. And as you progress, you gradually unlock the other four aliens. But more than that, the game allows you to unlock new attacks from each alien, which totally makes sense, because Ben hasn't had too much time with them, and therefore is sort of figuring it out as he goes.

Gameplay 6.2
Graphics 5
Sound 5.5
Difficulty Easy
Concept 5
Multiplayer 4.5
Overall 5.1

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