Lens of Truth: Mirror's Edge Head2Head

Lens of Truth went head to head with Mirror's Edge, between the PS3 and Xbox 360. They posted picture and video comparisons to show which system ran the game better. They came across issues not reported by other sites and reviewers.


Currently the video is playing in SD on the main link. To view the video in 720p HD check out the article on their site:

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chaosatom3684d ago

Ps3 is slightly better as said by ign, but if it was the other way around?

Then there would be over 100 comments here.

GUNS N SWORDS3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

did you believe IGN when they said gears2 looks much much better than R2...........well, i believed them.

krakdol3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

@GUNS : well yeah, they said both games were worth 9.5/10, I believe them, Gears 2 is not superior to Resistance 2. I'm happy you agree with that, as a MS fanboy.

Baron793684d ago

Since IGN altered their Fallout 3 PS3 review I couldn't give a rats a$$ about them. Their opinion is swayed.

I will be getting the PS3 version which I normally wouldn't do, but I played both demos myself and it felt better on the PS. Simple.

ArthurLee3684d ago

Just gotta say I agree. I used to trust IGN but that altering of Fallout 3 really bothered me.

Xi3684d ago

Ign is as pro PS3 as gamespot is pro xbox. All it takes to realize this is that they do both movies and games, meaning that sony pays for advertising on both fronts, and they have to keep their advertisers happy.


JsonHenry3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Why does the X360 version look like they are playing as a black person? I thought you played as some Asian looking chick?

Also - the PS3 has better depth of field transitions (based on these videos) while the X360 has better AA and Anistropic filtering. (the grates at the begging are more distinguished on the 360 version at the start of the video)

Foliage3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Didn't the ending state both are using system defaults?

So the PS3 looked better despite having Full RGB and Super White settings off? Interesting. Imagine if they were on.

Tarasque3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Hmmm, Imagine if they put the xbox reference levels to expanded.

No there wouldnt be 100 comments if it was the other way around, cause first off it is actually the other way around and secondly then has been done several times already who gives a rats @ss.

Skizelli3683d ago

Pros and cons. I think the darker hand in the shade is a little more accurate. Keep in mind that she's Asian and your skin tends to look a lot whiter in direct sunlight as opposed to the shade. Though the hand appears to be a little too dark on 360 and a way too light on the PS3. Her finger nails look terrible on the 360. The wall textures don't really seem to be a huge deal to me. When you're playing your version of the game, you won't think anything of it. That said, I'd much rather play this type of game on a PC.

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Ashton3684d ago

and this video proves it,,,,why does 360 become pixelated in the air vent area?

Sea_Man3684d ago

It's obvious which one I'm gonna buy. Sorry but if I'm about to drop $60.00 on a game and I have the choice to buy it on either xbox or PS3 then it's PS3 for me!!

GUNS N SWORDS3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

both preform about the same, the 360 appears to look bright in many areas, and noticeably has better specular highlights at (1:54)

the 360 version is showing off very smooth edges (2xaa confirmed), and the ps3 is showing off a lot less brighter areas than the 360 version.

(closing comments on this)

brightness is something you have control over, AA is something only the developer has control over, performance is about the same so i see no real technical edge.

(i only see some slight things such as ps3 has more eye friendly lighting and 360 has smoother edges)

Sea_Man3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I see AA on both versions. To me it seems more of a rendering issue, mainly graphic card problems. For instance the color of the hands is obviously a normal map and specular map issue; a technical / rendering issue. Unless you can adjust the images and shaders it probably falls back on the developers. Remember this game was ported over to the xbox and with that said they obviously had problems with porting over the shader technology. Also notice the pixilation in the hallway. Again all rendering issues, the PS3 version blur’s the texture with out causing pixilation. Again, this seems like a rendering issue that falls back on the developers and the porting process. So as I mentioned before I would give this one to the PS3. Also look at the ledge from frames 109-112 the AA looks really close definitely not 3 times better.

GUNS N SWORDS3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

the "pixelation" in the hallway, is more of a brightness and contrast issue rather than a technical issue, the 360 has 3 built in brightness adjustment settings labeled as "reference levels".


these settings help with certain black levels games have issues displaying, also, NXE will allow gamers to take advantage of the RGB settings HDMI has.

if you look at it, it isn't as bad in this vid.

360 version

and only the 360 version has AA, btw it's 2x.

Sea_Man3684d ago

I hear you man. We also have to keep in mind that even though the movie is 1280x720 (720P) the web site that the video is on does compress it, I've used them before. With that said the aliasing issue isn't that much of a deciding factor when I decide which game to buy. I am more concerned with the obvious rendering issues which are definitely not due to solely brightness and contrast. I've attached 2 images from the video to show you what I'm talking about. I've been a 3D artist for over 6 years now and I can tell the difference between brightness and contrast and problems with Normal and Specular maps. Look at frame 135 this is definitely pixilation and not brightness and contrast. One more thing read the disclaimer at the end of the video. "All other system settings default".

Lets just agree the this is a great game regardless:)

GUNS N SWORDS3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

i agree that it's a nice game,

and i booted the demo my self and it's somewhat there lol, it's actually a glitch, if you hug the wall for a while it appears if you don't then it doesn't show up. i always blitz through that spot so i hardly get to see that, I'm trying to send a pic of a before and after shot on my end but N4G for some reason wont let me :(

DevastationEve3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I saw that in my demo as well, to avoid it don't hug the wall. It has something to do with the how the engine calculates color variations and brightness according to your perspective. So I guess if you're up against something dark, the moderately lit up area shows some banding. Maybe it's got something to do with HDR or lack of?

Sea_Man3684d ago

well the game definitely supports HDR lighting or there would be problems everywhere . I wouldn't necessary blame the engine but the hardware in the xbox, primarily the graphic card . I still think it has to do to how the graphic card is rendering the lighting effects, blur, normal maps, spec maps, occlusion ,etc.. Remember that the PS3 has an Nvidia card and the Xbox 360 has an ATI card. This game was dev on the PS3 with different hardware, I've experience things never go over smoothly when porting to different hardware. Whatever, it doesn't matter, I wounder if they fixed it in the release version? Can anyone confirm??

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NaiNaiNai3684d ago

i just have to say the game is great. pick it up for either system its worth a buy if not, then a definet rent.

Yoma3684d ago

I will get my copy tomorrow :)

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