Low-priced Blu-ray players should spur adoption

VB:-Despite a sinking economy, studios predict healthy holiday Blu-ray Disc spending due to fast declining hardware pricing, according to participants at Tuesday's High-Def Conference here.

Blu-ray players have fallen to sub-$200 pricing and should hit the $150 mark by Black Friday, effectively widening the customer base from early adopter to mainstream, noted studios during the event, sponsored by Home Media Magazine.

Currently, the U.S. Blu-ray install base totals 1.5 million set-tops and 5.5 million PlayStation 3 consoles. Between now and the end of 2008, that combined set-top/PS3 install base should grow more than 40% to 10 million units, according to Paramount Home Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is even more bullish, projecting a year-end base of 11 million to 12 million Blu-ray players.

This expanding Blu-ray penetration is moving at a quicker pace than the uptake for standard-definition players between 1998 and 1999, noted Danny Kaye, Fox's executive VP of global research and technology strategy.

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uckitsayitchbay3655d ago

But but upscaled dvd's... but but... compressed DD.... but but nothing. can anyone still honestly believe blu-ray is a dying format without being the most media brainwashed Fanboy in the galaxy

darthv723655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

For it to truly take off there needs to be some major marketing.
There needs to be more consumer awareness and for that to happen, people need to go to the stores and see it in action. Some people dont go to stores anymore thanks to sites like amazon and others. You dont get the same effect from reading about it.

Consumers also MUST HAVE an hdtv. Sure prices have come down on the screens but the overall penetration of hdtv's in the world is far below the levels of regular tv's (obviously). Just because in feb the us are changing to digital signals doesnt mean they are hd signals. Anyone with a regular tv and cable/sat are covered. Chances are that the same person has a dvd player. So unless they decide to get an hdtv it will be hard for them to get a blu player as well.

From a target marketing promo video: "Without bluray, your hdtv is simply ... tv" If you think about that you could change it like this: Without hdtv your bluray player is simply ... dvd.

Prices on EVERYTHING related to hd needs to drop considerably. Not just the players but the screens (yes they are dropping), movies and all the assorted cables to make it all work. DVD has been at the "sweet spot" for many years and has contributed to the amount of screens and players in a regular house.

When prices are at an acceptable level for the average consumer to really buy into the quality blu can offer (screen, player, movies)then it will get adopted at a substantial rate. Until then most will stick to getting dvd movies and play them on their sdtv screens. I know I would have to change 4 screens and 4 players to really benefit from it. I dont have that kind of you?

Not being a fanboy, just being realistic.