D+PAD: Guitar Hero World Tour Review

D+PAD: Sadly Guitar Hero is starting to succumb to its heritage of being Rock Band's old man, and slowly growing out of touch with the gaming generation. Guitar Hero: World Tour doesn't offer anything of any substance over Rock Band, especially with its less than stellar selection of tracks and a disturbing lack of atmosphere.

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titntin3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Whilst I'd conceded that the track list is not as killer as it could be, it's still far preferable to me than the drivel on Rock Band 1 (I've yet to play RB2) and certainly for the guitar, the note layouts are far superior and more engaging.

That the series would move away from total guitar domination was always going to be the case once other instruments were introduced, but they've done a reasonable choice of picking tracks that keep everyone interested in playing, and I've thourougly enjoyed playing this title a LOT more than I've enjoyed Rock Band...

The Character design options are a great addition to the series and help to bring it in line with the cool character features in RB. The addition of a beginner level in addition to the easy level will no doubt enable a few more novices to pick it and play too.

Don't be put off by this review - if you've enjoyed the GH series before, theres plety to like here too...