IncGamers: Wii Music review

Nintendo maintains that Wii Music is not meant to compete in the rhythm-action market but is Wii Music a step in a new direction or simply a game with an identity crisis?

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Leord3658d ago

Well, I guess there has to be a few crappy Wii games out there as well =P

The Matrix3658d ago

Wii Music? Hmm...never heard of it.

AndyA3658d ago

Sounds a little basic to me.

martynmj3658d ago

4.5!! :O! I exptected so much more from this game

Panthers3658d ago

How? It looked terrible. Even the E3 demonstration was horrendous.

Dorjan3658d ago

Sold my Wii after it gathered dust, this just proves to me I made the right choice!

Wii is just a novelty and has no substance.

ChickeyCantor3658d ago

SO the conduit/madworld/NMH2 etc etc would....aah why am i even trying.

You are shallow.

syrinx3658d ago

This game simply looks wrong :p No surprise at the score there.

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