PAIN expansion coming this Thursday ... really

Looks like the cause of the PAIN expansion pack delay has been resolved. If you looked carefully, you would've seen that there was a PSN Trophy involving a Street Fighter character. (Street Rider - Use any Street Fighter® character to travel 2 miles while grabbing a vehicle) Looks like licensing took longer than expected, and that feature has been removed from the upcoming Hollywood Studio expansion.

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Killjoy30003659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

This game is so boring. I can barely manage to play it for 3 minutes. What's funny though is that it's better than almost every single XBLA game. If I get board of this as easily as I do, I can only imagine what they're playing.

Rich16313659d ago

Xbox arcade has some good stuff too, like Geometry Wars, Duke Nukem 3D, and most of all...Braid. Braid is a true gem, it is so simple but flawless. Great story, music, art style, and old school game play made it a modern classic, in my opinion.

Rich16313659d ago

I had fun with Pain for a bit but it got stale fast, so I will be passing. In addition, I just bought a fully loaded $30,000 car, so between that and college tuition, I am dead broke.