National Gaming Day writes, "In an odd twist, your local library will be hosting a video game tournament. I can hear you all now wondering what the heck is going on. Well, this Saturday, November 15th, has apparently been dubbed National Gaming Day."

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bgrundman3660d ago

I must admit that it seems weird for this to be sponsored by libraries, but I guess that comes with mainsteam acceptance right. I think we can thank the Wii for that!

killyourfm3660d ago

So the Wii DID do something right! ;-)

RedNectar3660d ago

do you have to bring your own rig?

killyourfm3660d ago

That's a good question...I don't remember libraries being "modernized" necessarily. Will they have a bunch of PS1's and Dreamcasts there? :-)

Still, this is really a GREAT thing for the gaming community, and for the awareness of games in general.

CrAppleton3660d ago

Hey guys... did some digging... This is a per-location thing. So if they do gaming at your local library they WILL have the equipment there. If you have kids that go alone they will need a parental permission slip in order to participate. Any other questions that you guys can't find the answer to you can ask here or hit up the article at