Blizzard Ditching StarCraft 2 Actors: StarCraft Fans Petition Agains It

It was previously reported that a couple of agencies informed that the voice acting role of Jim Raynor and Kerrigan the Queen of Blades are now up for grabs. The original actors as well as the ones used for the WWI and BlizzCon gameplays are out, and they are looking for new ones.

Fans have rallied to show their support for the original actors, which seems to be well loved by the community.

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Dorjan3659d ago

It's never very nice when they change actors. Like it films. You want the same actor playing the same character each time!

SCFreelancer3659d ago

True, but its as with most changes: it usually takes a little getting used to.

Leord3659d ago

The thing is, Jimmy's voice is so specifically charismatic. I just would hate for it to be ditched.

IdleLeeSiuLung3659d ago

Where these actors in the original Starcraft or only in the new Starcraft 2 (i.e. the released videos, which I haven't seen much of)?

Leord3658d ago

These two were the actors from the game. Glynis Talken did play Kerrigan in the cinematics we have seen, but some random guy played Raynor. Now they have scrapped both the old ones and the new ones, meaning we might not hear Kerrigan as we remember her, OR Jimmy boy.

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lothaer3659d ago

WTF it wont be starcraft with out them.

SCFreelancer3659d ago

Gut feeling says no: don't try to fix something thats not broken. But who is to say the new blood (if there is going to be any for these 2 roles) isn't able to surpass the originals?

martynmj3659d ago

Ye its never good when original actors get changed and it just proves the fans weren't too happy about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.