The Tech Report Review: Asus' G50V gaming notebook

The Tech Report: "The gaming notebook is not a new breed, but over the past two years, it has enjoyed a trickle-down into the mainstream. A province once exclusively occupied by manufacturers like Alienware and Voodoo PC using re-branded Clevo systems whose hulking proportions barely qualified them as portable, gaming notebooks are now produced by every major manufacturer in the market. Dell has become schizophrenic, with a line of specialized XPS gaming machines competing directly with its Alienware subsidiary, while rumors abound of HP swallowing Voodoo PC whole.

Asus, on the other hand, has seldom had much differentiating its gaming hardware from its garden-variety notebooks. While you might need to buy a dedicated gaming notebook full of flashing lights and pretty colors just to get a halfway decent GPU from another manufacturer, Asus will cheerfully sell you a GeForce 9600M in a more traditional shell. If you prefer something a little more exciting, Asus' new G50V offers a more focused approach to mobile gaming, employing Intel's exciting new Montevina platform, a GeForce 9 series GPU, and of course, a flashy aesthetic. Keep reading to see if this new system will help Asus push its notebooks into the American mainstream."

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