Casual Review - Pet Pals: New Leash on Life Review

Casual Review: "The award-winning pet vet game series is back with Pet Pals: New Leash on Life. Return to the vet clinic and take care of more than 15 types of animals, with over 30 real-life cases written by real veterinarians. At first we thought that it was just going to be another pet simulation game with repetitive gameplay using the same animals over and over again. Playing the game has proven us wrong on all accounts.

We have never seen a pet game with so much information in it. A HUGE compilation of animal trivia, veterinary terms and tools, and a glossary are made available for the player. Some animal related mini-games are also thrown in to add more variety to the bunch. Expect to learn a whole bunch of things about canines, felines, birds, iguanas and more."

• Nicely rendered 3D graphics
• Real cases by real vets
• A portion of the sales goes to the Pet Humane Society

• 980mb download
• Small screen resolution with no full screen option
• Non-animal lovers might get bored with this

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