Jolt Review - SingStar: Singalong with Disney & SingStar: Boybands vs Girlbands "It's about time Sony did something properly exciting with its SingStar franchise (sorry, SingStar: Bollywood doesn't count). Along with West End Musicals, a Disney movie singalong definitely qualifies, and Sony's London Studio has even broken out the paintbrushes to give its SingStar engine an eye-catching makeover to compliment Disney's animated film sequences.

Unlike Disney's own karaoke efforts, Singalong with Disney is all about the old school movie magic, and chances are if you have a favourite from anything from The Jungle Book to Toy Story, it's here. The duet-heavy compilation is ideal for kids of all ages who want to sing together, and this being Disney the songs are catchy and easy to memorise.

While A Whole New World and Circle of Life will give the vocal chords a proper work out, the real enjoyment comes from songs like Under The Sea, Beauty and the Beast and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, where silly accents and nonsensical words add to the fun. That said, the eeky-squeeky Work Song from Cinderella will be beyond most people, and some of the more classical songs like those from Sleeping Beauty are a bit operatic and technical."

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