Spong: Resistance 2 Review

Spong writes: "I have to admit I had a certain fondness for the first Resistance title, suffixed 'Fall of Man'. It's set, if you don't recall, in an alternate version of the mid-20th century where Europe is collapsing under the ravages of a mysterious virus. The virus mutates its human victims into horrific creatures known as the Chimera - part-human, part... well, that's never quite revealed.

My fondness has nothing to do with the game-play, though it was a damn fine game earning 85% when I reviewed it. No, it's down to developer, Insomniac, choosing to kick the game off not only in England but in the streets of York, just a couple of dozen miles from SPOnG's offices; then to a fish cannery in Grimsby, out on the Humber estuary."

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nirun3661d ago

finally a decent review that highlights the graphical prowess of r2. kudos spong.

Lifendz3661d ago

not that I think someone should blow smoke; if the game has problems please tell me. The main gripes most people had is how the story was so lackluster. As if I'm sitting down to play this shooter and would throw the controller because the chimera aren't explained in the most dramatic way possible. The game is great and worth the purchase.

P.S...this is not on the level of Gears 2 graphically. It's a pretty game, but it's not. BUT....KZ2 will surpass Gears 2 in the very near future. Disagree? Just take a look at the multiplayer footage. That's better than any console game I've ever seen and multiplayer never looks as good as single player.

Cynical-Gamerzus3661d ago

Were are the vehicles !!!!!!!!!!
Very Rushed title missing about 15 percent of what would of been a perfect close to 10 game