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Submitted by Nineball2112 2642d ago | article

The great video game console hunt of 2008 has begun! writes: "We're on year 3 of head to head competition between the three ultimate entertainment gadgets - Nintendo's Wii, Sony's Playstation 3, and Microsoft's Xbox 360. Will sales keep up even in today's tough economy? Who knows? But if you really do want a console for the holidays, you should definitely be looking now.

Google Trends ( is a useful gadget for tracking interest in a topic - it displays the relative search frequency for different terms. In this case we're looking at Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360." (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

pp  +   2642d ago
Everyone should purchase a xbox360 come Christmas with AAA games churned out every month Also its the only console on the market with the right price for all.
Algullaf  +   2642d ago
i'll fix it
Everyone should purchase a xbox360 come Christmas with full of glitchs games churned out every month Also its the only console on the market with the ripping poket price (acc + batteries + laggy online) + a bonus RRod right out of the box.
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MaximusPrime  +   2642d ago
ok pp my turn.

if you want best BluRay player, get PS3.
if you want internet browser, get PS3.
if you want many variety of games not just shoot-'em-up, get PS3.
if you want free online gaming, get PS3.
if you want controller with built-in rechargeable battery, get PS3.
if you want to use Bluetooth technology, get PS3.
if you want better looking games, get PS3.
if you want durable, reliable console, get PS3
if you want helpful customer service, get PS3

i could go on and on
el_bandito  +   2642d ago
As a gamer, I'm more worried of how much will I save even before Christmas comes. Recent good games left me with a lighter pocket.
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ultimolu  +   2642d ago
And left me with a lighter purse. ;__;
Radiodread  +   2642d ago
those are the reasons
I got a ps3. ^^^

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