PlayStation 2 Grows Stronger by the Day? writes: "India, it's a huge potential market for video games. We've already reported this week how Sony's country manager, Atindriya Bose, does simple and straightforward business.

Mr Bose also pointed out that, in terms of the PS2, "Activision have transferred all their assets here".

Well, it seems that whatever the PS3 is doing in the rest of the world, the PlayStation 2 is firmly on course to make the most of sub-continent's keen gamers. Next up for the platform is an announcement from Ben 10 Alien Force developer, Vicious Cycle, that includes the following:

"Vicious Cycle Software announced today that the company is partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) to provide Vicious Engine, the leading middleware solution, to game developers in India."

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tk3682d ago

If it picks up pace here... the PS2 will outlive the XB360 as well...
Just imagine... the PS2 will span three gens of consoles and rule two!

chaosatom3682d ago

lol, Sony isn't letting those costumers go anywhere.

By the time ps2 stops manufacturing, ps3 will become dirt cheap. And the ps3 would go on for sometime.

tocrazed4you3682d ago

still competing against this gen consoles it just won't die

MURKERR3682d ago

truly gona be the grandaddy of consoles

believe in change

Milky Joe3682d ago

Now THAT would be legendary!!!!

Fox013682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

It's still selling because Sony refuses to "kill" it. Once they decide to make the PS3 backwards compatible, the PS2 will start dieing slowly...

Aclay3682d ago

@ Fox01,

The 20GB and 60GB PS3 models and early 80GB PS3 models were backwards compatible and the PS2 didn't start dying then. Even if all of the PS3's right now were backwards compatible, the PS2 still would be selling at the same rate.

CEO OF N4G3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

In 7-10 years time there will be news on n4g saying PS3 is still going stronger by the day,even going against the xbox720,wii2 and ps4 :)

Nineball21123682d ago

It's still extremely popular, especially in areas of the world where annual income per person is below average.

It's a cash cow for Sony and I'm not sure how much of an impact it really does have on PS3 sales. I hear the argument that it would help PS3 sales if they discontinued the PS2, but I'm not sure of the validity of it.

I say that so long as people are willing to buy the product, they should continue to offer it!

ThanatosDMC3682d ago

Well they still have a lot of people in the continent of Asia. Geez, and somebody said PS2 is in its deathbed.

By far, it's the best console since it has so many games! Also, there are still devs making games for it.

Fox013682d ago

They should and focus on the PS3

Nineball21123682d ago

So your response to my question of "Why should they "kill" it?" is "They should".

Umm, I'm not sure how to argue against that point. o_O

I don't think Sony is ignoring the PS3 because they continue to produce PS2s. I'm pretty sure they have more than one person handling each thing.

INehalemEXI3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

When the PS3 is priced around $249.99 PS2 will then hand the torch off and sony will give PS2 its hall of fame retirement status.

Pekka3682d ago

In countries like India or China annual income is still way too low for PS3. They can afford to pay for PS2 so selling them there is a wise choise for future PS3 sales. And all games are pirated there anyway so they can only sell profitable hardware there and PS3 isn't yet profitable. If income in these countries gets better then they can buy PS3 later.

Danja3682d ago

Sony would be stupid to kill the's another of them to offset there loses they're taking with the PS3, it's still selling millions of PS2 a year which means the public is still interested in a PS2..

The PS2 has become Sony's Wii , PPl who are buying PS2's will most likely upgrade to the PS3 in the future.

and just to think it's hasn't hit $99 yet in the

and this is a good move buy Sony to offer the PS2 in countires will a lower annual income , nice way to gain a foothold in that region..

Danja3682d ago

PERSONA 4....RPG of the Year is on the PS2...can't wait...

psnDevistator3563682d ago

PS2 is like a Zombie on Crack!!!

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Milky Joe3682d ago

It's pretty impressive how well it's holding on. Certainly gives you more confidence in the way Sony does things.

CEO OF N4G3682d ago

well said.Have a bubble.

Oner3682d ago

Only thing is certain people of certain mentality wouldn't see it that way. They resort to BD suxorz, PS3rd has no gamez etc. type comments but wont acknowledge the previous support Sony's other consoles had, have and will continue to get...great comment Joe ~ bubbles

rockleex3682d ago

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is doing this in India? Europe?!!? O_o

By the way, it sounds like Sony is building up an army of developers in Asia.

So many people say Japan's video game industry is losing its hold. But sounds like Sony is trying to invigorate the rest of Asia.

I can see Asia becoming huge game developers in the next few generations. It won't just be Japan anymore.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3682d ago

+The PS1 + PSP + PS3!!! ;-P

"xBox 360 Grows Weaker by the Day" ;-D

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