GiN Review - King's Bounty: The Legend

John Breeden writes:

"King's Bounty is a game steeped in myth and tradition. It's a game that spawned the Heroes of Might and Magic series that (along with Ultima) is the series that brought many people into the world of computer gaming. Hearing that the game was being re-made was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It's exciting because it's always every gamer's fantasy to be able to replay a classic game using modern technology with all the graphical whistles and bells. But it's terrifying too because it's very difficult for a remake to live up to the inflated memories of a classic title. And the industry hasn't been too great with providing good remakes, so that runs against projects like this too.

However, it's a pretty safe bet that most players will fall in love with King's Bounty: The Legend right off the bat whether you love the original or have never even heard of it. But it's obvious that Russian developers Katauri Interactive were fans of the original game and actually, you know, played it a few times. As such, this new title keeps the flavor and gameplay of the original title while vastly expanding the KB world with a lot more than a fresh coat of painted pixels.

Like the original, you are a Treasure Searcher, a noble title for a guy who goes around and loots stuff in the name of king and country. Unlike the original, you are not thrown right into the plot of the game. If you remember the original, you set off on your main mission to capture the villains of the kingdom pretty much right away. Here, you will be eased into the main quest and can go off and do your own thing in a surprisingly non-linear world filled with side quests just waiting for brave heroes. Kudos to Katauri for this."

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