WorthPlaying Review - 'Dinosaur King'

WorthPlaying: "Going into Dinosaur King, I didn't know that it's based on an animated children's show, so I'm feeling a bit old as I write this review. After doing a little research into the show, it appears that the game is an accurate representation of the cartoon, and it should appeal to fans of the series.

How does Dinosaur King stack up to the rest of the uninitiated players who are looking to pick up this title? It's a pretty decent Pokémon-style clone, and there's a certain inner child appeal to collecting dinosaur cards and using them to battle it out against the AI or a real-life opponent. Bundle that with the simple battle design, which basically boils down to a familiar rock-paper-scissors format, and it makes for a fun, if not quite fulfilling, experience on the DS.

As with the TV series, the Dinosaur King game follows the adventures of Max and Rex and features the villainous Dr. Z, who wants to use the unique ability to bring ancient dinosaurs back to life so that he can take over the world. In the game, dinosaurs are collected in a format similar to titles like Pokémon and Digimon, but instead of simply going out into the wild and bringing them back home, you collect fossils, which are used to re-create the giant lizards that have been extinct for millions of years."

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