'Street Fighter: The Movie' is Coming to Blu-Ray, to Have 'Street Fighter IV' Extras

Capcom has announced that gamers anxious to get their hands on the Jean-Claude Van Damme masterpiece 'Street Fighter: The Movie' will be able to do so on February 10th, 2009 -- a scant ten days before 'Street Fighter IV'.

The Blu-Ray disc will have several behind-the-scenes features on both the film and the upcoming 'Street Fighter IV', in what could be described as a blatant attempt to capitalize on the SFIV hype.

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ultimolu3681d ago


Of *all* movies...not THIS ONE!

CloudsEnd3681d ago

Actually i liked that movie.. :D

ultimolu3681d ago

Well...the silliness made it entertaining.

"Quick, change the channel!"


Wildarmsjecht3681d ago

Jean-Claude Van Damme masterpiece. WHO LIED?!?!?

Muppetmeat3681d ago

JCVD had a masterpiece? When did this happen?

Epic3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I like watching it to laugh (as Ultimolu said),
But I would not buy it on blu-ray, even if it is to have bonus content like that of 'Street Fighter IV' or whatever...

or to see ryu emit (in high definition) 'sparks' from his hands instead of a flully relised hadouken. hehe.

...Well maybe I will buy it.. but with Bison Dollars.. [one Bison Dollar ($) will be five GBP (£) you know - I'm still waiting for the Queen to be kidnapped]. /sarcasm

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