PlayStation Store Update JPN - 13 November

PS3-Sense posted up the Japanese PlayStation Store update. The update will contain some LBP-content which is region locked and a demo of Winning Eleven '09.

Here is the list:

Playable demo's
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009

PSone games
Front Mission 1st (600 yen)
Building Crush (600 yen)
Land Maker (600 yen)
Touki Denshou ~Angel Eyes~ (600 yen)

Game content
Toro from Mainichi Issho (¥200)
Europe Costume Contest Winner (Free)
Animal Costume Pack (¥300 or ¥100 each)
- Frog
- Shark
- Gorilla
- Penguin

Game video's
Samurai 3 Promotional Movie
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009 Opening Movie
White Knight Chronicles TGS 2008 Special Movie
White Knight Chronicles Live Part Movie

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