Ripten Review: MotorStorm Pacific Rift

Ripten's Patrick Steen writes:

"MotorStorm is back. I'll be honest, after sinking hours racing against brutal and often suicidal AI in vehicles that would explode at the slightest nudge, I'm not sure I was ready to return to the track. I'm glad I did. MotorStorm Pacific Rift ticks all of the boxes, cracking almost every criticism you might have held against its predecessor. Brutal and beautiful, this isn't just pure off-road racing, this is MotorStorm racing."

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MURKERR3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

every review for resistance or motorstorm state its soo much better than the original but then dont apply the score it deserves purely because of its platform

read this review an tell me they dont Want to give it a 9-9.5/10


techie3624d ago

But they gave it a 9/10...

techie3624d ago

I think you're going mad :)

Raoh3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

your right.

i've been checking the reviews for motorstorm 2 and they have all been positive. huge improvements from the first one. the game the first one wanted to be.

then they slap it with an 8. ?????????????????????? not that 8 is a bad score or that it makes me not want to buy it.

but other games on cough*the260*cough have a few bugs, online issues, while not huge issues, issues none the less and those issues are ignored and a game deserving of an 8 or 8.5 gets a 9 or higher with little mention of the bugs.

prime example.. i didnt know ninja gaiden 2 had so many bugs until the patch was released 3 months later to fix its camera and frame rate issues. had it been a ps3 exclusive it would have got a lower score than the 360's NJ2 did, and the entire reviews would have harped on the bugs.

now motorstorm 2 is out with little to no bugs and its gets a Plain ole 8 when from all the reviews i've read, the lowest score it should have got was an 8.5.. thats only lowest, sounds like it deserves higher.

here are all the scores [Australia] 8.9/10 - 8.9
Gaming Age A-/A - 9.0
G4 / Tech TV 4/5 - 8.0 4/5 - 8.0
UnderGroundOnline (UGO) B/A+ - 8.0
Cheat Code Central 4.3/5 - 8.6
GamesRadar [US] 8/10 - 8.0
GameSpot 8.0/10 - 8.0
GameTrailers 8.6/10 - 8.6 A-/A+ - 9.0
Kikizo Games 8/10 - 8.0
GameDaily 8/10 - 8.0
VicioJuegos [Spain] 85/100 - 8.5 [UK] 8.8/10 8.8 8.3/10 - 8.3

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Dragunov3624d ago

This game is the better racing game this year along with wipeout hd, i don't get the low scores. A 9 seems fair to me

ToastyMcNibbles3624d ago

personally i do feel this game is at least a 9 nothing lower nothing higher..this game improves on everything that was established in the first game and its fun as hell...i do agree with some sites when they say there should have been more race modes but hopefully when the time comes for motorstorm 3 they will not only improve on the second game but also add a whole lot more to it