White Knight Chronicles - New Trailer

Level 5 published an amazing new White Knight Chronicles trailer. Enjoy.

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Lucreto3599d ago

I am so looking forward this. Anything Level 5 do is brilliant and I don't need to worry about them picking bad voice actors as they always seem to pick the perfect ones. This will be a truly epic RPG.

Cwalat3599d ago

i dont know, personally i'm looking more forward to FFXIII Versus.

Liquid Dust3599d ago

I mean honestly, what game wasnt absolutely fantastic by Level-5? none, flawless track record

This game just looks massive in terms of scale

SixTwoTwo3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Yep I totally agree with you. For me this is right up there with GoW III and Uncharted Dos.

@Below... Some people don't care about the graphics as much as others do. I know for me I expect my FPS games to look good because thats the standard. But I'm more relaxed when it comes to RPG's because I know that breathtaking MGS4/GeoW2 graphics aren't the standard for RPG's.

I've only played one Level 5 game and that was DQ8 and its one of my favorite games ever so theres where my hype comes from.

thor3599d ago

Am I the only one REALLY disappointed by the in-game graphics? They look _really_ bad. Even in this low resolution you can see the polygonal edges of the characters. In HD it's going to look worse when you can see polygons, jaggies, low-quality textures and more.

I'm going to trust that Level-5 can nail the gameplay. But I'm not getting hyped for this one just yet.

coolfool3599d ago

I agree with you on the graphics......

But that isn't what is selling this game to me. It's the promise of something epic and immersive It looks to tick those boxes so far and I'm crossing my fingers it won't disappoint.

SL1M DADDY3599d ago

Have you played any of the other Level 5 games? None of them were graphical masterpieces but the games themselves were fun and a welcome addition to my personal library of games. Game play > Graphics but as with all PS3 games, I suspect that this game will receive its final polish near the end of the life cycle. Heck some PS3 games have gotten their final sweep of polish in the last two weeks of development.

thor3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I haven't seen enough that's impressed me so far. Putting graphics aside, the combat system doesn't look that great and the story is about a boy who finds a magic suit of armour...

But as I say, Level-5 rarely disappoint when it comes to RPGs so they might be able to pull it off. I don't want to get hyped for a game that could well be a flop though.

ultimolu3599d ago

You do have a point. I think personally it looks good so far but there's always that lingering possibility that something may go wrong.

Hopefully Level 5 pulls it off. I'm anticipating this game because it's the first true exclusive rpg for the PS3.

kewlkat0073599d ago

Trust me your not the only one...

Level 5 has some pedigree, Again I'll continue to say it these in-game are not that impressive.

It's Level 5 after all, Of course I'll still buy the game. Not hyped by the graphics though.

kevnb3599d ago

and level 5 usually delivers on gameplay, day one buy for me. I hope its not the next Rogue Galaxy, but im sure it will be better than that.

Kain813599d ago

since DarkCloud.
there are Rumors that Level5 are working on DARKCLOUD3 and Rough Galxy2.
I hope this is true and there are rumors that Sony work on The Legend of Dragoon 2.

mpmaley3599d ago

I love that this gen has turned gamers into graphics whores.

B-Rein3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )


well you cant blame em its a stlye of graphics, its like, the graphics are a cross between the cell shaded anime graphics and the ff style of graphics its sorta like .Hack series or pokemon colleseum

ahaha @mpmaley

lol yeh, but its all about the gameplay and STORY LINE and trsut me level 5 has it XD

Fox013598d ago

"I love that this gen has turned gamers into graphics whores."
Does that mean you don't own a "Next-Gen" console? If you only care about gameplay then you should own a Wii/PS2 or the Atari 2600. I think you're a little bit hypocrite; many of us bought a PS360 (and a HD TV) for graphics and gameplay, not just gameplay, both are equally important.

mpmaley3598d ago

I own a PS3 and a Wii. And as far as RPGs go, the story and gameplay easily outweigh the need for graphics to be 1080p (which it's confirmed already) and "zomg best graphics" I've ever seen. Yes I play on a HDTV (a very good one) and yes I have a kick ass audio system (easily better than average). But at the same time I'm a gamer and not a graphics whore.

thewhoopimen3598d ago

Dissenters, you need look no further than WOW. Graphics for RPGs doesn't matter as much as an FPS. Gameplay/fun matters most.

Kaneda3598d ago

This doesn't look as good as Final Fantasy. But I guess it is good enough til Final Fantasy coming out.

kewlkat0073598d ago

.....The fact that we do not know much about the gameplay/story and music.

Graphics is what attract us first and why we bought our 1080p sets.

Yes graphics is not the most important. Just wait there will be another JRPG where we hate because it's not graphically satisfying.

TheForgotten0ne3598d ago

No way!?

They are making a new Legend of Dragoon!? That would be a pre-order on the day it's confirmed for me :O
Please, let this ONE rumor be true!

And the trailer was good, I haven't played any Level 5 game, but people say they are good. So I might try this out, but not day one buy for me. Almost no game are : (

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Tony6003599d ago

Monster Hunter 3 trailer impressed me more and its on Wii.

ThatCanadianGuy3599d ago

Shouldn't you be playing gears 2?

..or are you still trying to join a match?

ultimolu3599d ago

You go drink some failerade as well.

MaximusPrime3599d ago

@ ThatCanadianguy420:

great comment! lmao

bubble for you

SixTwoTwo3599d ago

It looks like the Sony Against Force has landed in yet another PS3 thread.

PopEmUp3599d ago

a wii fanboy come along

Gue13599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

yeah because monster hunter has an epic story and all.... you probably haven't even played a single monster hunter game in your life considering they always have been on sony's consoles.

the MH3 for Wii is not even out... BTW monster hunter is more about killing monsters with other 4 friends and then creating weapons, equipment, and sh1t, nothing spectacular.

now add an epic story to go by and a good battle system and then you have the recipe of WIN! how many jrpg's have co-op? this is something very refreshing. i know there are a couple of jrpg with co-op like FFIX but not so integrated to the gameplay like WKS.

theKiller3598d ago

i saw some of those scenes and they were 10 times better!

no point to argue now about it!

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Shane Kim3599d ago

I really like that monster with the city on its back.

sonyfanonly3599d ago


englishgolfer3599d ago

where's my baby's bib? the amount of drooling i just did has left my shirt wet! can't wait for the world release - any news on that yet???

Fishy Fingers3599d ago

December 25th in Japan.

US/EU are unconfirmed, but there are rumours of it making it before the financial years end. Which would be March, latest. Again, that's only rumour.

Doctor Strange3598d ago

I hope that rumor is try, I would love to have this early Spring.