First 10 minutes of Valkyria Chronicles plus some gameplay

First 10 minutes of Valkyria Chronicles plus some gameplay

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ThatCanadianGuy3681d ago

anyone who was considering buying this..just do it..

It's an amazing game! Great story,gorgeous graphics,addictive RTS-RPG gameplay.

I only rented it last night but im buying it today.

After i get some sleep -_- been kicking imperial ass all night..

ultimolu3681d ago

I still have to get it. My local store ran out of copies. o_o;

RadientFlux3681d ago

Rented it on Sunday and while the graphics aren't half bad. It's definitly a game I'm not planning on purchasing.

I understand all the hype this game is getting and it's probably well deserved but for some reason the game didn't click with me and with so many other games to play this season. I'm going to pass.

B-Rein3681d ago

best RPG so far this gen

Socom3681d ago

I mean I did gave Valkyria Chronicles a 9.9. And you people doubt me lol?

This game is a must own. The style of the game is so fresh, different and polished.

People complained about installing, so they made it optional.
People complained about long cutscenes, so they cut it in several pieces so that you can save in between.

Whats there to complain about really? This game has it all. From awesome story, engaging combat, to epic soundtrack.

This is by far the best RPG so far. And the fact that this early in the gen, there is already a great RPG out, only is a good sign. I mean, its safe to say that we can expect a great many things from the PS3.

This game is a must own. Whoever doesnt have this game, is royally fked. I havent touched LBP and Dead Space for weeks since I got this game.

By far the best RPG this gen.

If you dont buy this game, you are part of the problem. People complained endlessly about lack of RPGs, well now the RPGs are here. Valkyria is just the beginning. And what do people do? Ignore it.

Well whaddaya know. Pathetic.

How can you not like this game? Unless you are a brainless shootbot that dont like to think and are trigger happy. But thats what I like about PS3. It has games of all genres. If I want to shoot, I insert COD or Resistance, but from time to time, I enjoy a good story and using my brains too. Thats when I insert RPG disc in PS3.

Homicide3681d ago

This game is so freaking amazing. There are a lot of things to do, and many different approaches you can take in the battles. SEGA really delivered with this game. Even if you're not an SRPG fan, please try it out.

kevnb3681d ago

the last was Panzer Dragoon Orta..

kevnb3681d ago

I agree, and then people on here will say they want to buy Eternal Sonata over this...

FantasyStar3681d ago

We need more responses like that. Firm, yet sincere. You respect other people's love, while asserting your own position without stepping on people's toes.

Well done, sir. Bubbles+

SaiyanFury3681d ago

@ Kevnb

Eternal Sonata's not a bad game either. It looks great on a large screen HDTV. Lord knows the sheer mass of colours that wash over the screen and the razor sharp visuals as well. Not to mention the soundtrack was composed by one of my favourite composers Motoi Sakuraba of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile fame. I got Valkyria Chronicles before getting Eternal Sonata, but ES is also a very playable game with it's own good points.

pariimn3681d ago

I just tried the demo last night. I will buy it tomorrow,I wish they have game coming out like this, I love it :D

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Arsenal4Ever3681d ago

game is awesome i only got to chapter 3 though. Need to use shikamaru's intell for Chapter 4

AllseeingEye3681d ago

I rented this from Gamefly but I'm buying it today. Great graphics. Addictive gameplay. Captivating story. Plus I hear dlc is coming soon which will allow you to play as the imperials. You cant beat that. I love this game.

Fulensenca3681d ago

deserves to sell milions of pieces.
One of the best games this year ( IHMO best character design and soundtrack 2008 ).

No FanS Land3681d ago

real glad I preordered it! coming soon. At least some good rpg's for a change! I'm also considering the last remnant. looks better than the other 360 rpg's