Square Enix Signs Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander 2 Announced

WorthPlaying writes: "In its goal to increase western development efforts aimed for the global markets, Square Enix has signed a strategic partnership with Gas Powered Games and announces development has begun on the next installment in Supreme Commander real-time strategy series."

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Foxgod3655d ago

hehehe, nice, i remember that rts like minigame from FF7 where you had to protect the hideout from atackers.

Maybe they should create a Live/PSN game based on that scene, a FF7 RTS game :P

Ateanboy3655d ago

I used to be the biggest Squaresoft fan back in the day. As soon as the Square Enix merger happened though, slowly but surely I have seen a change in their game titles. The quality of their games have SEVERELY suffered.

Not just graphically, but in every aspect. The quality of the music isnt bad, but the music itself is half-assed and uninspired. The stories are nowhere NEAR FF7, 8, and 9. The graphics are mediocre except for the million dollar CG cut-scenes. And the gameplay, although has always changed with every title, is sucking MORE and MORE with every title. FF12 wasn't a bad game, but compared to the other FFs, it was a HORRIBLE game. Mediocre and uninspired.

I have no hope left in me for Square-Enix. They're money hungry, and they've probably lost every artist that they had working for them. Maybe if they had some REAL artists working on their teams, maybe their games wouldn't be sucking so much ass right about now.

I have no hope for FF13. And Square-Enix is no longer my favorite RPG developer. I am no longer a Square fan. And I will most probably not even be buying FF13. Square-Enix is LAMe.

ThanatosDMC3655d ago

I cant wait for Supreme Commander 2!!! I love the first one and it's expansion Forged Alliance. Screw the story it's all strategy and Experimentals.

Blackops Mod FTW!!!

I just hope i dont have to drastically improve my hardware to play the game. If it's just ram then i can still go up to 8gigs.

P3655d ago

This way it's guaranteed to be another Square failure

Foxgod3655d ago

actually, RTS games generally do better on the western market, and geus what the 360 is, indeed a western product.

P3655d ago

Since it's Square,the failure of the game is inevitable

Man_of_the_year3655d ago

Really? Because Square was a pretty big part of the PS1 & 2 Dominance...But i am sure you are just too young to remember those days.

PS360WII3655d ago

That's cool just as long as they keep on making more RPGs than anything ;)

Bnet3433655d ago

This is a very interesting move by SE. Did not like SupCom though.

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The story is too old to be commented.