The New Look for, Jump In.

A new look for is live or will be very soon. At the moment it's back to the old site.

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Eamon3686d ago

Still not up. And how much different is it from the old one?

TheBrit3686d ago

To me that is not new. That has been there for quite a while now.

Captain Tuttle3686d ago

Follow the link in the story and you can get to it. Pretty cool, very interactive.

JOLLY13686d ago

or jump out and wait beyond. See it's esy to come up with fun little catch phrases.

Algonath3686d ago

i already have a ps3 thank you.

BlinkGT3686d ago

It's not a whole relooking... :/

JOLLY13686d ago

It will be going up on the same day as the NXE.

whoelse3686d ago

SCEE especially need to improve their website. Its very basic.

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