StarCraft 2 Detailed Hardware Recommendations

Remember the AMD/Blizzard leak for StarCraft 2 graphics requirements? Well,'s tech guru Kalos who uncovered this leak and unreleased screenshots from the game engine has now put together all the information available from Blizzard official sources, technical knowledge and technology limitations to iron out what actual hardware is recommended to play StarCraft 2 Beta when you get your hands on it.

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Dorjan3658d ago

I can play it! Sweet!

*rubs hands!*


Leord3658d ago

You bastard >.<

Haha, lol, I just wish that was the same case for me!

kalos3658d ago

I think I need a new laptop too, though my desktop should be able to handle it, only an 8800 GTS in it but that shouldn't be a problem unless Blizzard absolutely floors it somehow between now and then.

JonahNL3658d ago

Is that an 8800GTS 320/640 or 512MB? =P That makes a huge difference!

Terrice3658d ago

I think I'm pretty close too, whew....

kalos3658d ago

It was the 640 MB version, I bought it before the 512 MB revisions, which are superior, were out.

SCFreelancer3658d ago

Well, more then 640 is only useful if you run at 64 bit anyways. Same goes for the 4 gig memory, its useless on 32 bit systems.

All in all I think I should be ok for all but the highest settings, keeping in mind that if you play 1v1 or something it should also be able to handle unit peak numbers on screen.

kevnb3658d ago

an 8600 is pretty modest

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martynmj3658d ago

Ohh noes :( I better upgrade my computer

Leord3658d ago

Yeh, I think I'll be buying a new laptop...

JonahNL3658d ago

I'm already working on it! ^^

thetamer3658d ago

Awesome. I can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy.

AndyA3658d ago

Specs don't seem too demanding. Need a 9800Gt though

Dorjan3658d ago

Yeah, I don't know what they are on about up there ^

YOu need a new laptop? Are you using one that is 10 years old or do you just HAVE to play top settings?

Leord3658d ago

While that is true, I still need to get an upgrade. I have a 4 year old laptop. Sure, it was a super good gaming laptop back in the day, but now, it has lost its sting =P

Leord3658d ago

I'm amazed on hos much information is really available in the public, even if all Blizzard OFFICIALLY said was "Pixel Shader 2.0".

Sure, that AMD report was quite extensive, but wasn't intentional to be released, most likely... ;)

kalos3658d ago

Luckiest find I probably ever made in my research. Glad we found that AMD document hidden away on thier server with an open hyperlink. True most other sites then copied it to use it un turn, but we made it there before any other fansite did :) I hope I get to be able to make a discovery like that again.

Leord3658d ago

Well, if the link had not been revealed by to the public, it would have been the only source. Bummer, but there you go...

Lesson learned. Don't trust *certain* sites =)

Those who are not to be trusted know which ones I mean...

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The story is too old to be commented.