New Final Fantasy XIII Info Coming Soon

Enterbrain in Japan have announced a few little details about the November edition of Famitsu magazine and they've claimed that there will be a heavy focus on Final Fantasy XIII this issue.

Nothing about the actual content has been disclosed as of yet, but it looks as though the content on Final Fantasy XIII will be very new and it will disclose lots of new features that are set to get fans excited.

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coolfool3682d ago

then I think I will be very surprised. It's been so long since we have had anything of real interest about this game. *hint* decent amount of real in-game footage.

mephman3682d ago

Well, I guess Square Enix have to start the proper hype-train at some point.

Lifendz3682d ago

the hardcores are the ones that bought a PS3 to play the game thinking it was going to be PS exclusive. I don't mind it being multiplat, but if the game is in any way less than what it could have been because now it has to be built for two systems as opposed to one, yeah...that group is going to be p'd. I'll be one of them too.

Look at the masterpiece that was MGS4. That's what I was expecting from Square. Hope they don't let me down.

Peter Griffin3682d ago

Is it jus me or hav I heard sumthin like dis about 13 times now? (No pun included)

Bonsai12143682d ago

just like the game is coming soon?

JoySticksFTW3682d ago

Seriously, these huge FFXIII "non-announcements" are getting annoying. Everybody wants the game no matter what Square announces.

They could announce "One of Thirteen diseases with every disk!! THIRTEEN!! Choose from SARS, West Nile, Bird Flu, that f'd up disease from Outbreak, and many more!!" and fans would still line up to buy the game.

Maybe it's just me, but I just want to know when FFXIII is coming - the actual month, day, and year - and no delays.

lordgodalming3682d ago

Agree with most of above. After all, the word "News" includes the word "new."

I suppose we can be thankful they didn't say, "Big, MEGATON announcement about FFVII!!"

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pp3682d ago

I hope its Xbox360 demo that would be awesome.

xBot Lemmings3682d ago

Nope the demo is exclusive to the PS3...

where is the 360 version ? ROFL!


dimitry213682d ago

get us excited meaning like an gameplay video and when the demo will be available for US EXCITED i hope

Fishy Fingers3682d ago

Better not just be a few more screens from that same old trailer. Let's actually have something new please.

CrippleH3682d ago

That's what it is going to be.

This is SE, they haven't shown us sh*t for 3 years now.

Screenshot does nothing, I see way better graphics on Killzone 2.

Tacki3682d ago

Knowing Square-Enix it will be info telling us something like there's a dog in the game named Hail. Only this isn't his actual name and that information will be released later along with more screenshots from the same old trailer. I believe they're trying to make it so that you can recreate the entire thing in slideshow form.

lordgodalming3682d ago

Dog named Hail! Bwahahaha! Bubbles for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.