Square Enix: Bahamut Teaser Site Opened

Square Enix has opened the Teaser Site to Bahamut.
Blood Of Bahamut was trademarked back in November,
what could be the subtitle of the game.
It could be the sequel or a remake to popular Super Nintendo/Famicom
Game Bahamut Lagoon.

Lets wait till the Countdown end.

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kesvalk3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

i am the only one that thought about how the giant is a little too familiar?

just hope it's for Wii, if it comes to xbox, then it will be official, square was brought by MS

sinncross3688d ago

Well im going to be different and hope for a PSp or PS3 title here.

There is a sprite for the sites logo on my browsers tag... anyone notice from which game its from... might give a valuable clue as to which series this game is a part, or maybe its an NDS title.

robotnik3688d ago

Screw the Wii, PS3 needs more love from SE.

ChickeyCantor3688d ago

Yes let them do that and create an ultimate bankruptcy.

gaffyh3688d ago

@sidar - Any square enix game will sell a lot in Japan, so how would it mean bankruptcy? Square are a big and talented enough studio to be able to make a game for PS3 without becoming bankrupt

@robotnik - Totally agree, PS3 has not got any love from Square Enix this gen, although I kinda just wish that they stop announcing new games and just finish FFXIII and Versus XIII

ChickeyCantor3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I wasn't talking about that.
The problem is that the Development costs are HIGH.
If they only focuss on the PS3 it will kill them since it needs sh/t loads of mony due the bigger teams and other resources. And isn't SE already putting lots of their power in FF13?

Ofcourse they will sell their products, but keep in mind that if they ONLY keep pushing Ps3 games, they will need to put up high budgets.

And if you consider how long FF13 is taking, just imagin that with other games if they only made it for the PS3.

I was just "stretching" it to point out that it's not a smart thing to do.

B-Rein3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

yeh i agree with gaffy h and robotnik, SE are big and talented enough to make it exclusive for ps3, i would love to see this new game on the ps3 but knowin SE i have doubts this game would even be on ps3

i have no idea wats wrong with se

but looking at that sprite on the tab of my firefox browser, you can see a little sprite, sadly i bet its a DS game :( looks likr a nintendo, Ds kinda character (btw that sprite on the tab comes up ifa ya open it on bahamut[dot]jp)

ChickeyCantor3688d ago

"SE are big and talented enough to make it exclusive for ps3,"

Totally missing my point...

gaffyh3688d ago

@sidar - yeah I get you, but the high development costs only affect smaller devs usually. And that's only if they aren't used to the PS3 architecture e.g. EatSleepPlay are a small company yet they are developing 3 PS3 exclusives.

Square already have the Crystal Tools Engine (I think that's what it's call now?), and already have experience coding for the PS3 (cos they've been making FFXIII for like 3 years now), so cost wouldn't affect them that much. Also they are loaded. But I understood your argument from your first post, and there is some truth to it.

B-Rein3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

you sed it, exactly what i was thinking,

you highly deserve a bubble :D

addin to it;
"loads of mony due the bigger teams"
and SE have more staff hired then any other game developing company
(chek wiki)

but @sidar i do understand what you mean many companys a backing off from the ps3 or making games multiplat due to the fatc that it cost alot to develp for the ps3 and espacially the smaller devs

ChickeyCantor3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Not really, if it only affected smaller devs, Monster Hunter 3 would be fully in production for the PS3.
But it seems even Capcom needs to balance stuff out.
You can't just put every high budget game in the production pipeline'( at least not at the same time).

It's just a bad idea.

But didn't lots of man power go to FF13?


Lol the only fanboy around here is you.
I wasn't bashing anything, just pointing out that it's not a smart move from a financiel(development wise) point.

Lol, so you STFU and GTFO love

Since you brought up Xbox i assume you think im a Xbox fanboy, what made you think that?

Socom3688d ago

PS3: 2 million
360: 700k

PS3: 17 million
360: 21 million

Yes, we can so see that the PS3 is the ultimate bankruptcy you damned fanboys. Gtfo and stfu.

gaffyh3688d ago

@sidar - but the Wii is a different beast, it has the most sales worldwide. It makes sense for Capcom to make the game for Wii, because they don't even have to make it look that much better than its PSP equivalent games. Capcom already said this gen is a Multi-platform generation, although their actions seem to state otherwise (they've done a few 360 and Wii exclusives this gen and no PS3 exclusives as far as I know).

rockleex3687d ago

You DO understand that FFXIII took so long and cost so much mainly because they were developing the Crystal Tools engine for the game.

Every exclusive game by SE for the PS3 after FFXIII would take only about a year to make... if they don't decide to create a BRAND NEW engine again. The new games would also cost a lot less to make than FFXIII because they wouldn't have to create a brand new engine for that new game.

The main reason why most PS3 exclusives take so long to make is because the developers usually create a brand new engine for those games. But after those engines are created, then each successive PS3 exclusive would require far less money and time to create.

But I do understand your point that its not wise to focus entirely on one console if you want to maximize your profits. But what the others and I are saying is that it IS possible to make profit on one console only. Its just that there's no reason why third parties would only want to focus on just one console.

ChickeyCantor3687d ago


Capcoms main reason was the high development costs.
That's why, and next to that yes Wii has a bigger audience

@above me,
Well at least we agree on some parts =P

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MvmntInGrn3688d ago

ok square stop announcing stuff and start releasing stuff!!!!!!!!

Platform wise it depends on who is developing. SE themselves means multiplat but Tri-ace means 360 exclusive since they don't want to make PS3 games.

kesvalk3688d ago

if you can still count Crystal Bearers, then they have 2 titles for Wii too

anyway, they need to show some love for little white guy too, i mean, cmon! every Wii gamer i know is hungry for a RPG, we are all ready to devour tales of simphonia...

Kain813688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

believe me SO4 is only timed exclusiv nothing more.
and the devs said that a PS3 version is planed.
And the publisher is SE so.

vasilisk3688d ago

We can all see that the artistic direction of Bahamut is a Shadow of the Colossus ripoff. SE seems to be lacking originality the last couple of years...

Foxgod3688d ago

Um yeah, let the SE bashing continue, still pissed at SE being no longer a member of the exclusive PS3 army ?

Anyhow, same artistic direction doesnt matter, as long as its good, or would you bash Chrono trigger for having the same art direction as Dragon ball ?

CloudsEnd3688d ago

Why should someone bash Chrono Trigger for its art direction...

Its from the same person as the Dragon Ball Art Direction...

Foxgod3688d ago

indd, but the style looks the same, i wonder if the bahamut artist is the same as the one from shadow of the colossus.

Smacktard3688d ago

I thought FF# moving to the 360 was actually pretty funny. But I hate Square-Enix too. Because all they ever do is release half-assed ports and remakes. Besides, the final fantasy series bores me half to death, and I can't stand it. The art direction of this upcoming game looks kind of neat (I agree to ripping of SotC, though. First thing I thought when I saw it). I will look out for this.

vasilisk3688d ago

Dude I made a comment about the artistic direction of their new game. I never commented on the PS3 neither the 360 or SE's attitude towards consoles. How can you take this comment and turn it into a "SE leaving the PS3 army" it's beyond my comprehension.
I cannot believe some people...

hay3688d ago

@3.4: I don't mind FF13 being multiplatform. It's just the way of marketing, it's all about cash and surviving in today's market. I understand it. But the way Square abandons it's fanbase is something I didn't see from any other company which pretty much sucks.

@3.5: some people are just oversensitive.

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jkhan3688d ago

Well its about time Square Enix should give us a date or atleast a quarter in which they plan to release the god damn FF-XIII game. I am guessing my kids will be playing FF-XIII on ps5/xbox36000

kesvalk3688d ago

FF XIII is the duke nuken forever of Japan...

shawnsl653688d ago

how long have they been working on FF13? since before the xbox360 even came out right? DAAAAAAAAM LONG~

PotNoodle3688d ago

Square is dumping sony like they dumped nintendo all those years ago :P - I wonder when they'll dump microsoft.

CloudsEnd3688d ago

But for what Company are they going to dump Microsoft? All over again to Nintendo? :D

jkhan3688d ago

Or may be Sega jumps back in console race and they dump everyone for Sega. But to be fair they dump others for company where the money is.;)

PotNoodle3688d ago

They only dumped nintendo because they chose to go with cartridges again and they were much more expensive to manufacture than CD etc etc.

They dumped sony because microsoft have been paying them out, so yeah. Maybe they'll go back to sony in a few years once the ps3 has finally shown what is it worth?

Foxgod3688d ago

You are right with your statement, but you make it sound too negative.

Yes SE is indeed going where the money is, but that has more to do with the fact that sony's competition now has a bigger market share then it had with last generation.

If you still persistently develop for just one console youl miss out a major chunk of income, and without that income your company cannot grow, so if SE would be sony exclusive, they would actually shrink.
And shrinking can put company's out of business.

CloudsEnd3688d ago

Seriously, there were never a Square(-etc) Game for a Sega Console.. o_O

Foxgod3688d ago

They dumped nintendo because the cardtridges where too limited in sense of space, Cd's where able to hold 10 times as much data, with the idea's square had, they would have to split the game over 10 cardtrdiges, so they went to sony, who chose for a cd based system.

They now chose to also release software on the 360, because 360 has more or less about 55 ~ 60 % market share atm.

Which means if they side with sonly only, they would actually sell les software then they did last gen, when sony had 80 % share.

Its just a way to survive for gaming company's, only the company's that are bound by contracts, develop exclusively.

shawnsl653688d ago

gonna get dumped and move on to the Googlegenesis.

Bebedora3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I can make a dump. but that won't have the same impact.

kesvalk3688d ago

nah, they aways move to the direct adversary of said company, soooo they will move to apple... they already anounced a chocobo dungeon to it..

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