Strategy Informer: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Review

If you weren't enamoured with MotorStorm to begin with, Pacific Rift will do little to change your mind. If however you're looking for a fresh batch of vicarious off-road thrills, you could do a lot worse, especially if you missed the first game. For those who played and loved MotorStorm, get ready for Pacific Rift to make you feel dirty all over again.

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JamieReleases3660d ago

Might have to pick this one up, I was one of those people that didn't try the first release.

Ashton3660d ago

I freaking love it.

20000 times better than first one.

Antan3660d ago

Quite a bit harsh i think.

Silogon3660d ago

Absolutly the most fun I've had all year... I gave it 8 of 9 cubes on my site and feel that it is the best game you can get for your Ps3 providing you game online. Not even Resistance 2 offers up as much online fun.

This coming from someone who hated the 1st one.

Ashton3660d ago

I love this one,,,,have you noticed how smooth the online is?

sometimes i have a hard time telling online from offline,,,no lag what so ever,,,,only more aggressive driving tells me that i m online.

fufotrufo3660d ago

you think?

Lets ask Nasim!


Algullaf3660d ago

better than flop life u live, try it b4 u judge on the game ppl have different taste of games maybe u will like it.

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The story is too old to be commented.