DaedalusX64 Beta 1 is now LIVE!

A new release of the popular Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP. DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn.

Changes include:
[+] TV Out Support (Chilly Willy)
[+] ME Audio Supported (Small speed-up with sound on.) (Chilly Willy)
[+] Increased audio buffers for better sound quality (Kreationz)
[+] Changed logo and graphics to represent new name (graphic by SynGamer)
[!] Fixed screen shots (Chilly Willy)
[!] Fixed an OoT custom clend Mode (Wally)
[!] Fixed Shaking using double display lists (GoldenEye 007, others...) (idea Wally, code Kreationz)
[!] Pause Menu Reset not working properly (Kreationz)
[!] Fixed FPS Display and Framerate limiter (Kreationz)
[!] Optimized code generation for fragments which branch to themselves is now optional
Fixes games that broke from R12-13 (Kreationz)
[^] Improved thread communications in job manager (Hlide)

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robotnik3687d ago

sweet, I gonna try this sometime, I'm glad they manageeto make it work.

Darksaviour693687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

compatibility list so far:
Bomberman 64 :Non Playable, Gets past just intro and thats it.
Conkers Bad Fur Day :Non Playable , Black Screen
Duck Dogers Starring Daffy Duck :Non Playable , Black Screen
Midways Greatest Arcade Games Vol.1 :Non Playable .. Goes through intro and menu and thats it.

Ms.Pacman Maze Madness : Non Playable , Black Screen

Rampage World Tour : Full Speed .. ran from 50 to 75 fps .. No glitches , looked great

Superman : Playable , 7 to 10 fps during gameplay , minor glitches

Turok Dinosaur Hunter : Non Playable , Black Screen

Mario Kart 64 : Playable , 18 to 22 fps during gameplay

Goldeneye 007 : Playable , 2 to 12 fps during gameplay , major glitches

Super Mario 64 : Playable , 24 to 29 fps outside of castle , 15 to 19 fps in 1st world

Namco Museum 64 : Non Playable , Black Screen

Resident Evil 2 : Non Playable , Black Screen

Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time : Playable 12 to 15 fps intro , 7 to 10 fps in village , glitches

Shadowgate 64 : Playable , 8 to 15 fps during gameplay , looked good

Spider- Man : Playable , 20 to 25 fps during gameplay , minor and major glitches

Star Wars Rogue Squadron : Non Playable , Black Screen

Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire : Non Playable , Plays through intro then black screen

Starcraft 64 : Non Playable , Black Screen

Wipeout 64 : Non Playable , Black Screen

Diddy Kong Racing : Non Playable , Plays intro then blue screen

SynGamer3687d ago

Been enjoying this for the past week or so. Good to see it finally released to the public :)

Darksaviour693687d ago

Updated DaedalusX64 Beta 1- Compatibility list

SynGamer3687d ago

Official site is down;

Hopefully moers gets this fixed quickly. At least the sourceforge is up...2,100 downloads and counting today :)

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