Who Needs $5,700 When You Have a Wii?

Senior citizens were horrified to learn that their Nintendo Wii was stolen from the Northeastern Senior Community Center in Mount Wolf, PA. The missing $2,700 in cash, the $3,000 in checks - they don't care about that. They just want their Nintendo Wii back, stating "Give us our Wii back, you assholes!"

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Nostradavis3319d ago

Maybe they had some good drugs stashed in their never know.

Twizlex3319d ago

What? Old people don't have to hide their drugs.

FrankDaTank3319d ago

I like the way you think Nostradavis. You get a beer and a bubble.

theEnemy3319d ago

I wonder what stuff do they do with the Wiimotes and Nunchucks. :D

Freaky stuff?


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Nostradavis3319d ago

I think the old man has some weed stashed in the Wiimote. He looks smart enough.