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ape0073655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

gears 2=amazing

the gameplay is just TOO STRONG and SATISFYING

will done epic,gears 2 is truly epic

also R2 is such an unbelievable game,too epic and damn amazing,insomniac,what can I say guys,ted price,you are a great developer and so is cliffy but we shouldn't forget the rest of the team

oh my god,fanboys lose a lot of gaming in this gen

why won't you just be happy and play both,you are a gamer,you must appreciate gaming,no matter what company do this

dexterwang3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I agree, the gameplay was brilliant. The single player was freaking intense.

Fanboys on both sides will really miss out on the great games on both systems. IMO, Geow2, Tales of vesperia, ME for 360 and LBP, R2, MGS4 for the PS3. I wholey enjoyed or am enjoying all those game (cept LBP... if anyone know where I can pick this up around Vancouver dt, I'd hug you!!!... sold out everywhere Ugh). I'm very happy to own both systems. My grades however... aren't.

AAACE53655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I haven't played R2, but with all the stuff I have heard about it, I believe it is a great game as well! I like Gears 2 alot more than Gears 1 because it plays better and the graphics shocked the hell out of me. I didn't think the game would be that great, but it is...

Great time to be a gamer!

@Ape... I called MS about the matchmaking issue and they said it was because so many people were playing online it would take a bit of time to find a match, cause when the game finds a match for you, sometimes your spot gets taken too quickly before the game loads you in! He said alot of people were having that problem, and it might continue for a short time!

die_fiend3655d ago

Ape are u on ecstacy? U always seem way 2 happy. People know they're both good games, but most with a 360 dispute that R2 is in the same league and according to reviews, for good reason. The first resistance wasn't amazing whereas the first Gears was, that's y people are claiming Gears 2 must b better. I haven't heard many people say Resistance 2 is shocking, just that Gears is better

CEO OF N4G3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

bubbles up.

xhairs93655d ago

Microsoft also claimed they didn't know about the failure rate (RROD) before launch. Who cares? When you have the same story in gears 2 as you did in gears 1 your game doesn't deserve sht.

thewhoopimen3655d ago

Great game definitely deserves its props.

ape0073655d ago

man,I really try to push my self so strong,I really do,to give these fanboys a soul,to make n4g a better place for general gaming discussion

n4g is an international gaming website,think about how many people(not registered)come to comment section and read from us(experts,lol or fan boys

I really laughed about this ecstacy thing but seriosly,look at this,fanboys has increased this gen

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CloudsEnd3655d ago

I wasnt suprised at all.

Gears Of War is a prooved game.
It build up a great Fanbase, so it was to expect that it would sell that much.

Fishy Fingers3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I actually thought it might have been slightly more. Gears is a game that caters to the 360s majority demographic and there has been a real absence of shooters on the platform lately.

Should sell a lot over the next few months. Props to Epic for making another stellar game. Now just fix the matchmaking so I can actually play it :/

ape0073655d ago

when will epic fix matchmaking,it takes like 4 minutes to make a match

do you know any information?

Fishy Fingers3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

4 minutes? Your lucky, I must be averaging at least a 15 minute wait. Last night it literally took me 45 minutes to find a game of Horde.

Information > Epic have acknowledged the problem and are working on a fix. They have an official thread on their forums for reporting problems that need addressing. Here hoping for a quick fix.

P4KY B3655d ago

But the fact that you are willing to wait 45 mins to get into a game says a lot about just how awesome Gears 2 is.

Fishy Fingers3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Or how stupid I'am.

Doesnt really work like that though does it, after about 10 minutes to tell yourself "can't be long now".... "any second now".... then after 30 minutes you've waited so long you don't want to cancel, just to start the process all over again.

Disagree all you want, the problem wont disappear.

-GametimeUK-3655d ago

I have never waited close to that long for a game of horde... Saying that I invite friends most of the time... Its so fun I keep playing even though I have got the achievement... O well 45 minute wait... Better you than me I guess :-)

Tacki3655d ago

I've gone through the same thing Fishy. In fact I've still never played a single match online. Me and my brother still had some fun with bots offline... but man, I've been dying to go online and it sucks that so far I haven't been able to. Hopefully they get the whole issue worked out soon.

That's really my only complaint though. I loved the campaign and it really is a fantastic co-op experience. I actually enjoyed it more than I imagined I would. Guess it helped that I haven't played the first one in so long. All still familiar but I had forgotten how fun it can be... and it's a definite improvement over the first in just about every way.

I do think Epic still needs some work when it comes to doing a story though. I'm not knocking it because it was certainly entertaining for me. Just I feel some segments (well, one in particular that I won't spoil) that were meant to play on your emotions weren't as effective as I had hoped. I think they had something there... but the execution wasn't quite perfect. Other than those two things I think the game is pretty fantastic. Without a doubt one of the best I've played all year. Granted I've still got quite a few more on my Christmas wishlist... but I'm sure this will remain near the top of my 'best games of 2008' choices.

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Foxgod3655d ago

nice :), nobody can deny that the 360 is in a very healthy state.

Foxgod3655d ago

i would love to have a comment with those disagree, even if its just fanboy ranting, dont be a coward and show some character.

ceedubya93655d ago

finding one that actually has character :)

xhairs93655d ago

One good game in a bunch of bad games doesn't make the console healthy.

Take for instance the month of November for Sony and the PS3. So many f'ng good games but so little cash, now THAT is a healthy console. But for the 360, receiving only 1 good game? C'monnnnnnnnnnnn

RememberThe3573655d ago

But, I'm sure MS doesn't care too much since that one good game just out sold all those other good games combined.

jessupj3655d ago

I can at least admit I am jealous of those sales figures. I would love sales figues like that for R2, not because I can then say "ha ha! Ps3 is better, but if it happens it might shut up those annoying rabid Gears fanboys whom blindly spit on R2.

I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy their game and to respect other people with their different gaming choices.

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-GametimeUK-3655d ago

hasnt really hurt me that much... I certantly have never waited 15 minutes... To be honest the matchmaking is nothing compared to the PS3 version of CoD4 when that was first released... I want them to fix the weapon balancing issues aka the chainsaw and shotgun... Thats what is killing the game for me online...

Amazing game though