Uwe Boll on the Far Cry and Postal movies

Legendary director Uwe Boll talks about how the Postal guys were the first to tie into the synergy between game and movie, and what he's been up to with the incoming Far Cry movie...

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Saint Sony3353d ago

This man is no director at all. He's more like destroyer of franchises.

Enigma_20993352d ago

Whoever wrote that article either got paid to say that, or lost a bet...

... unless they mean that total FAILITUDE is what makes him legendary... if so means that it makes sense.

j4gs143353d ago

please happy slap him and post on youtube. it would get more viewers than his movies

talak3352d ago

How and why does this man keep making movies? Really every one is a total disaster...

I gues sit becuase most decent directors know that 95% of games won't make a good movie, therefore the studio's just sell off the IP to idiots like Uwe and break all ties with the movie.

Ah well just another movie to avoid I guess

robotnik3352d ago

I think they were trying to be sarcastig... or not.

Nicolator3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )


ChickeyCantor3352d ago

SAmurai Pizza cats
Who do you call when you want some pepperoni.
Samurai Pizza Cats
Right on
They're stampin' out crime and you know that ain't baloney.

O wait >_> "shoot this guy"
Wrong lyrics.

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The story is too old to be commented.