Miyamoto: Nintendo Is Not Relaxed And Soft On Graphics


"Nintendo design legend Shigeru Miyamoto is remaining tight-lipped about the possibility of the company releasing an HD Wii, but he certainly didn't rule out the idea when quizzed recently.

"I'm afraid we cannot confirm what we are doing today," he said when asked whether Nintendo is planning to release a high definition Wii.

"But the fact of the matter is that technology is evolving all the time and in Japan, for example in the year 2010 all the analogue broadcast will be stopped and shifted into the digital broadcasting. So many things are taking place and we are working in terms of the changes of the technologies all the time."

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butterfinger3659d ago

Butterfinger: Nintendo is Relaxed and Soft On Graphics

Gun_Senshi3659d ago

Whatever Miyamoto smokes!

Killjoy30003659d ago

Has anyone ever seen the Mario baseball games? Worst graphics I've ever seen since ATV Offroad Fury 1.

Sharpshell3659d ago

holograms will be the standard medium. However thats not so bad casue after hours of holorgrams I am sure we will all want to play some old school HD.

kevnb3659d ago

Miyamoto looks like such a tool in that pic, if he didn't create mario and save videogames I would want to deck him lol.

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