Square-Go: NBA Live 09 review


"The game is intuitive enough that your team mates react around you well when attacking the opponent's basket. Unfortunately they only seem to track back in defense and then stand around doing little to stop the opposing team. Defense indeed feels woeful and leads to frustration with the game. Even when you are in control of the characters they don't appear to do what you want. Team AI, called DNA in game terms is therefore lacking with the opposing team seeming far more in tune with the rest of its players than the player can easily achieve and this can leave the player feeling cold.

As with a number of products from this company NBA 09 is an acceptable sports simulation but fails to do anything to attract new players. Menu systems are unattractive and complex enough to put people off at the start and the game seems to have been developed precisely for the experienced NBA player who has been with the series for a long time and therefore has bought this simulation because it does what it says on the tin. It does, but with just a little effort it could do more and attract new people into both the game and the sport."

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