CSM: Ultimate I Spy review


"Ultimate I Spy does a good job of presenting traditional I Spy puzzles in a fresh new setting. The addition of 3-D environments, which can be turned 360 degrees, makes these puzzles harder than those found in the books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick. And the addition of playing a minigame to satisfy a riddle is very innovative. For example, in one riddle, you are asked to find "two juggled balls" but you'll only see one ball in the scene. When you click on it, it leads to a minigame where you turn the Wii remote sideways and tilting it back and forth to simulate juggling two balls. When you have juggled long enough to fill up a meter on the side of the screen, the riddle is satisfied.

Because these puzzles are challenging, they are best played by kids who like puzzles and are between 7-12 years of age. Each puzzle has some objects that are hidden so well that it takes careful, slow turning of the environment to find them."

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