PSU Exclusive: 2 Days to Vegas content overload

Over the next two days, PSU will be posting new media and details for Steel Monkey's 2 Days to Vegas. This will be an updated look at the game, featuring more polished graphics than you've seen previously and a first look at the game's shooting mechanics.

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Hydrolex3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Okay, this game is coming from a Total NOOB Gaming Company which 2 days to vegas is their first game on PS3 and 360 and they give info every 3 months or so


1- They want to work hard and make a challenge, make a good game and be famous

2- 2 days to vegas is crap

We might be wrong, This game might dominate ! Everything can happen in this world

xhi43687d ago

this game looks sh1t.

jkhan3686d ago

Well you do realize you are making assumptions on a year old footage. Besides we don't know anything about the game. Lets wait and see, may you are right, may be you aren't.

Hellsvacancy3686d ago

Prostitution - Drugs - Crime and Tom jones seems like a winner in my book

Or am i gettin confused with This Is Vegas which looks gay

ThaGeNeCySt3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

you're getting it confused.

2 Days 2 Vegas is about some guy who has 2 days to get to Vegas (from NYC to Vegas) because of something (can't remember what)

tamd3686d ago

just waiting to see new footage

jkhan3686d ago

It looks alright. Not really mind blowing. It still needs a lot of polish.

mrdxpr23686d ago

ive been waiting for this game for a year now and still hasnt been realeased they said by december and i hevnt hear nothing about this game coming in december..but i like how it looks

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