Edge: Prince of Persia's New Adventure

Time spent with the first couple of hours of Prince Of Persia, Ubisoft Montreal's reimagining of the series, reveals a smorgasbord of influences. There's a twist of Ico in the physicality of the relationship between the Prince and Elika, his female sidekick, as well its brand of spatial orienteering. There's Shadow Of The Colossus in its structure – an open world spread around a central hub – as well as in Elika's ability to show the direction of the next destination.

There's Okami in the showers of flowers and light as evil is cleared from an area. More western inspiration comes in the form of Uncharted for the Prince and Elika's relationship and decidedly American countenances, though the script hasn't yet proved as sharp, and the characters are hardly as charming. Elika, in fact, displays little character in these early sections, while the Prince's wisecracks and semi-permanent toothy smirk make him goofier than seems apt for this portentous world of mysterious life forces and shadow beasts.

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