Why the iPhone IS the Future of Gaming

Slashgamer Writes: "The head honcho in marking for the iPhone Greg Joswiak, seems to think the mobile phone is already the future of portable gaming device...

Before hardcore gamers ask for his head - let's all make sure we read his quote correctly. First of all, he didn't blast the 'competitors,' or even say the iPhone is a superior machine. He simply believes what the iPhone is doing - is the future. And you know what, we agree with him."

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CloudsEnd3682d ago

Shut up Slashgamer...
Its a phone nothing revolutionary at all.

YouNoob3682d ago don't own one. it's a great gadget with a phone included. i'm already playing gameboy advanced games on it.

so don't talk about things you don't know ----> look at my avatar.

MvmntInGrn3682d ago

Damn YouNoob, start taking your own advice and look at your own avatar.

anh_duong3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

i own an iphone and so long as an iphone lacks a creditable gaming input device (joystick/tactile joypad) it can't possibly be the future of gaming..

stupid journalist.

dexterwang3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )


Oh crap he wasn't joking.... "Iphone is powerful enough to run ps2 games"... for something that can barely run a browser properly and can't even handle flash files, that is quite amazing. Or was he dissing the power of PS2?

Iphone is a closed source expensive peice of sh*t that won't even let you download stuff you want on your harddrive except through Apple themselves. Only thing it does good is the looks, which is why I have one... and unfortunately, I expected too much of Apple and ended up with this junk. -Its a good phone and a passable browser, but if your looking for anything more than that, don't.

MvmntInGrn3682d ago

At best it can mimic PSP like graphics so PS2 is still a ways off. PSP2 will be out soon enough and likely be PS2-ish in power.

jtucker783682d ago

To be honest the specs of the iphone aren't that far off the PS2 or the Wii.

The iPhone is closer in power to a Wii, than a Nintendo Wii is to a 360 or PS3.

And don't forget with the jailbreak software you can get the iPhone to do loads of stuff.

My mate unlocked the OS and can install whatever he likes. He has a really cool new GPS tracker, multi media messaging, has turned the camera into a video camera... ...loads of stuff.
You have games that control with accelerometers and obviously you have a tough screen like a DS.

I'm not that interested in them myself, but I'll acknowledge that they're cool.

YouNoob3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

"Iphone is a closed source expensive peice of sh*t that won't even let you download stuff you want on your harddrive except through Apple themselves"

ever heard that iphones can very easily be "hacked" and you can download whatever? anyone who has a iphone that isn't hacked only has it for show and is a tool. hello tool.

dexterwang3682d ago

Younoob... I had to get mine hacked so it does what I want it to do. 3rd party development has to take a back seat and worked on by hackers due to Apple's strategies. Isn't that the definition of closed source? Number of apps for winmo6 outnumbers iphone apps by a ratio of 10 to 1. So according to you, I guess your a tool for getting a phone that looks good but is much less functional compared to many phones out there. Sigh, just how much popular culture can influence people... sad really.

Also FYI, iphone uses 600mhz ARM processor, however, it does not possess any form of dedicated graphics processor, thus limiting it to the capabilities of GBA and DS. If you want a cheaper system with better controls, I'd stick with the DS.

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MvmntInGrn3682d ago

It does little the DS can't (gaming wise), the DS2 will pass it in graphics and Nintendo has a ENORMOUSLY GIGANTICALLY COLOSSALLY OTHER-WORLDLY sized install base.

It just can't compete.

robotnik3682d ago

yeah, lets play pokemon and nintendogs together

MvmntInGrn3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

your avatar brings back memories robotnik, oh FFXI why are you so crack-like?

SaiyanFury3682d ago

Bah I'm still not buying an iPhone for gaming. Sure iPhone owners can game on their phone, but I'm still not interested. I'll keep playing my PSP and DS.

baum3682d ago

Most of them don't own an iPhone, and probably don't have jobs. I do agree that the PSP and DS have more games as of now, but frankly I use my iPhone more for gaming, and the main reason is because I have it with me all the time. I've been playing Spore and The Force Unleashed lately, and it's pretty good.

The only thing the iPhone needs to beat the PSP and the DS in terms of games is for Apple to actually be involved in game development instead of letting EA do all the work for them because without exclusives it won't become the de facto standard for portable games. With apple's involvement, iPhone could get a port of all Square titles that are coming to PSP.

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