Home Theme beta keys have been sent

Everybody who has downloaded the PlayStation Home Theme a while back, check your emails. has confirmed that the keys have been sent.

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PoSTedUP3681d ago

ive been waiting an eternity! j/k only like 5 months : ) but yea im glad im finally getting in.

sony are the men! : D

Le-mo3681d ago

Blah, no love from Sony for me. :(

PoSTedUP3681d ago

just wait maybe an hour or a day cause i didnt get mine either and i think it would better your chances if you have the Qore annual subscription.

legendkilla3681d ago

no luck for me :(

i got in the Killzone 2 beta is good enought i guess

cl63AMG3681d ago

no action over here :(

addic3681d ago

@legendkilla: how did you manage to get into the k2 beta?

TheUsedVersion3681d ago

The Home beta invites were sent out around 2 months ago for the people in North America who downloaded the Home Theme. Not sure why this person is just now getting it but I bet its because its a different region.

Kleptic3681d ago

several hundred KZ2 betas went out last week...I got in core preorder...

I don't know if it was totally random...I did have Killzone 2 on the top of my wishlist on the underground site...and had my account linked at a lot of people that got in also claim to have neither, some of which had never heard of the game...

and yeah, no home beta for me either...but I would take KZ2 over Home anyday, so I can't complain...

Lifendz3681d ago

PSN Lifendz if you wanna meet me in the Quad for a danceoff or play some bowling in the arcade.

ARog343680d ago

Yea, it was the exact same way for me... The LittleBigPlanet beta just ended and I go to check my email and BOOM there's an invite for the KZ beta!

I, too, added it to my wish list / favorite game in the official PS3 Forums... it's unlike any FPS out there today in terms of realism (I'm silent to talk about it beyond that point)...!

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Bigrhyno3681d ago

Eeeeek. I want my Qore key.

mrkeith3681d ago

i got mine like 1 week ago for downloading the theme.

ThatArtGuy3681d ago

After reading the page, it's the same random invites that some people have already been getting. It's still not for everyone that downloaded it.

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The story is too old to be commented.