Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Release Blocked by 17 Bugs

Softpedia: "The upcoming stage in the development of the next iteration of Firefox is blocked by a consistent volume of bugs, Mozilla revealed. No less than 17 blockers are stopping Firefox 3.1 from moving onward to Beta 2. On November 10, the conclusion was that the Firefox 3.1, codename Shiretoko, Beta 2 was not ready for build because of the large number of issues affecting the development milestone of the open source browser."

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Sarick3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I think Firefox is one of, if not the best browser available. Open source multiple OS compatibility and works very well. Bugs or not Firefox is a good browser. It's also much more secure.

I think the only thing stopping it from taking over the market share of IE is the fact that MS embeds IE inside all versions of their OS. If Firefox was shipped with windows the same as IE it'd be #1 IMHO. Unfortunately, most people who aren't tech savvy would rather stick with the generic embedded browser then actually installing another one. Even if they are told the other is better etc.

Can't wait for these issues to be sorted out. Each upgrade has made the browser better and better. ^.~