Sam's Club Selling Wii For $224 (With 3 Controllers + 3 Nunchuks + 2 Games)

Now we're getting into the good stuff. Sam's Club's' Black Friday catalogue just hit these here internets.

It's got deals. Wii Fit for $79 is... OK, if that's your kind of thing, but you may find their "Nintendo Wii Family Bundle" a little more appealing...

For $224 you get a Wii. With two bonus Wii Remotes. And two bonus Nunchuks. And Mario Super Sluggers. And...King of Clubs Mini-Golf. All for $20 less than you'd normally pay for just a Wii. Needless to say, it's a doorbuster item, so you'll need to get in quick

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Imallvol73681d ago

I saw this earlier. Couldn't BELIEVE it. Why would you sell this for THIS CHEAP!!! Still won't buy one though.

Blasphemy3681d ago

I don't understand it either it makes absolutely no sense. I know retailers try to get you into their stores anyway possible the day after Christmas but if they wanted to do that all they have to do is have the Wii there not sell it for so cheap. Sam's Club is a members only thing so again I don't understand this.

Sitdown3681d ago

the demand for Wii has drastically been is not abnormal to see 7 Wii sitting on the shelf at Target. Then take into the account the current US economy, and lower numbers from previous months...and you have companies doing all they can to compete with other stores and get holiday sales.

ceedubya93681d ago

I'd definitely be all over that deal. I may have to take a look in my local Sam's and see if they got any. They are already hard to find around here as it is, and a deal like this won't stay in stock very long.