Banjo Kazooie:Nuts & Bolts Game informer review

Nuts and Bolts shows that Rare is still a respectable think tank capable of delivering experiences unlike anything else, but this game also clings onto a few annoying elements from the company's past. The biggest one, which the game openly ridicules, is the concept of scouring environments to collect items. Sadly, the items you must collect are new part types for your vehicles. If you want to have a deep LEGO box, you have to dedicate time to hunting for them.Annoying collect-a-thon aside, Nuts and Bolts is a rare delight that offers up big laughs and inventive gameplay. It also ends up being the closest thing there is to a virtual LEGO set.

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Dragunov3682d ago

I hope game informer burn in hell

fufotrufo3682d ago

i hope you burn in hell :)

buy a ps33682d ago

Game informer is giving real fishy reviews

fufotrufo3682d ago

why? ...ign score is 8.3, oxm 8 , gamepro 8 , 1up 91

yeah does have some lower scores from some websites... but still...there's nothing fishy about this

buy a ps33682d ago

all of the sites that you menchend are very fishy. if you whant real reviews go to
all of the other sites are being payed

fufotrufo3682d ago

oh ok ..thanks ..gamesonsmah is definetly not fishy

but 1up,gameinformer,gamepro and oxm are


InMyOpinion3682d ago

I'm playing the game myself and the only fishy review I've seen of it is the who gave it 5/10. It's an awesome game that becomes addictive as soon as you've collected enough parts to build a bit faster vehicles. I've built a racer with 5 engines and almost no parts. It's sooo fast. I'm glad gameinformer "got it".

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Dragunov3682d ago

I wouldn't burn without RROD in my house, you have far more chances :)

Traveler3682d ago

I've never had a problem with my Xbox 360, thank you very much.
I love my PS3 too, but I'm sick of you arrogant PS3 fanboys. You really are missing out on a great console. Pft! Why do I bother, it's your loss!

Danja3682d ago

reviews scores for this game is all over the place , it seems it's a love and hate situation...

either way good score coming from GI ....MS should have released this game B4 Gears so it wouldn't be overshadowed...

InMyOpinion3682d ago

It's not really in competition with Gears 2's audience since they are extremely different games. Banjo is more hardcore than one would think though =)

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The story is too old to be commented.