Call of Duty: World at War better than Call of Duty 4? Doubt It.

GameManx writes:
"So PSW magazine is apparently calling Call of Duty: World at War better than Call of Duty 4 in their new magazine issue. I really don't believe this for a second and I need verification."

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butterfinger3655d ago

isn't a real improvement over COD4. The story almost copies COD4's story, but in a WWII way. The best things about COD:[email protected] (flamethrower, vehicles, new mp maps) could've been added to COD4 in an expansion/update.

Creepa at GameManx3655d ago

its kinda like Modern Warfare 2.0

Darkseider3655d ago

Is ok so far. Played a little of the campaign and then some TDM online. My only gripe so far is respawning and being camped. It has happened in a few games where my entire team was wiped 2 or 3 times on respawn. Other than that minor annoyance a fun game so far. Can't wait to unlock Nazi Zombies!

insanemcbain3655d ago

thats statement sounds ridiculous.

butterfinger3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Allow me to rephrase: The story parallels COD4's almost exactly. Some of the missions are nearly identical, but they are set in a different country, during WWII, with a different soldier. If you played both games, you would be able to know what I'm talking about. I don't want to toss out any spoilers.

@ Darkseider - The zombie nazis are awesome:) The online is great, but it's almost a carbon copy of COD4's. lol. I was just commenting on the campaign.

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JonahNL3655d ago

"No reviews by day launch typically means the game is crap."
There are by now already 5-6 reviews out... If not, even more! WTF are you talking about??? It's getting 9's! Is it better than CoD4? I don't know... I'll notice soon enough! There are people who don't like CoD4 at all, instead, they like CoD2 more. Why? I don't know, maybe that's something we call an opinion?

Gun_Senshi3655d ago

But now I love it

Let me explain why I hated it before.

First Level is fine, some graphical glitches and fine.
Second level is too repetitive and annoying.
Third level Treyarch tries to copy the Sniper level from COD4 exactly the same, this reall put me off. (This is where I stopped)

4th Level game start becoming good and the levels after it it keeps getting better and better. I love the russian levels specifically.

See you online on PSN espically that idiot that flame without ever knowing anything. (Who was doing so knows who is he.)

butterfinger3655d ago

I hope you aren't accusing me of flaming without knowing anything. I also hope that you noticed the horrible AI throughout the game, and how it got worse towards the end of the campaign. The Russian levels were fun, but the end of the game, once again, was ALOT like COD4's. I played the game on the 360, and I wasn't impressed with the graphics at all. IT's not big deal, though. Some people buy Madden every year even though it's not a real improvement, and Activision knows people will buy this game every year.

Gun_Senshi3655d ago

nope it was not you butterfinger :) I always agree with you.

For AI i am atm in Recuit so I don't know if good at higher difficulty. But I can just run and knife.

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efp7223655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

im sick of hearing all these comparisons.

they are 2 different games

yes Trayarch used the same engine and borrowed ideas and concepts from COD4 (maybe a few to many) but the game is solid and fun and who ever can't see past that should just go pick up banjo kazooie and have a blast

but even that will probably be to much for them and soon i bet we will hear them complain about that sequel ...

mariusmal3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

my problem is that it feels like a mod.

butterfinger3655d ago

I would've preferred an expansion/update to COD4...

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