Blizzard Bans 350,000 Dirty, Cheating Battle.netters

Kotaku writes: "Microsoft isn't the only one swinging the account crushing banhammer just before the holiday rush. Blizzard has suspended an impressive 350,000 accounts identified as using "third-party hacks" in both StarCraft and Diablo II."

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Panthers3624d ago

Good. I hate PC online play because it seems everyone knows how to cheat.

Endorphin3624d ago

This was the reason why I completely stop playing Starcraft a few months ago, hacking seemed like a regular thing for everyone. i just couldn't stand it anymore, you're working hard trying to do good and the weakling on the other side is hacking his way to victory. I hope that they carry this on to SC 2.

Gerry3624d ago

isnt this like 10 years too late?

kooplar3624d ago

10 years and going of service to the community

Magnus3624d ago

About time they did something, its a shame when you have to cheat at a game it takes the fun out of it.

L Ronald Hubbard3624d ago

Too bad, banning these idiots won't stop the hacking.

I remember the days when PenguinPlug owned everyone that hacked. Those were the days.

FrankDaTank3624d ago

This just in. Blizzard bans all remaining supporters of Diablo and Starcraft after they are found to be bots.

I need another beer.

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