LittleBigPlanet @ PS Store: 11/13/08

LittleBigPlanet News Site writes: "On Thursday, 11/13/08 the PlayStation Store will have new items for our LBP fans. As we introduced our 'freebie' costumes last week, our second week on the store introduces a variety of costumes - ranging from free to $2.99."

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spectyre3656d ago

Might as well get the word "Sucker" tatooed on my forehead 'cause I'm buying them... except for Motorstorm.

Wildarmsjecht3656d ago

Well some are free, others are priced. Whenever they drop that Snake and Sephiroth one..i'll join you with that tattoo.

Liquid Dust3656d ago

2.99 for those 4 is just to hard to pass up. Im all in. Cant wait for some other favorite franchises to pop up (other than snake and sephiroth of course). Altair sackboy? Big Daddy sackboy? Nazi Zombie?

Wouldnt mind seeing the Nariko costume on there for download.

Doppy3656d ago

Their all pretty cool. I need the Motorstorm one for my Motorstorm level.

Lifendz3656d ago

are those forever only for people that preordered at GS or best buy?

Real Gambler3656d ago

Same for the Astronaut... They all say: "You were there at the launch!"

Would like the Motorstorm one myself, but no way I'm paying for it.

gunnerforlife3656d ago

there gone make so much money from this game even after the release, who know this game mite regain all the money they spent on the cell XD

nycredude3656d ago

It's so hard to pass these up. I spend more money on a breakfast than all these combined!

@Real gambler Why wouldn't you pay for it? It is $1.99!

NickIni3656d ago

It's one of those games, where you just have to have the latest outfits XD

I have both Nariko and Kratos outfits. Got Nariko from pre order and Kratos from a magazine :)

ThanatosDMC3655d ago

I didnt get the pre-order so i dont have Kratos. I wanna get the Solid Snake Sackboy!

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SacT0wnF1n3st3656d ago

"...ranging from FREE to 2.99"


colonel1793656d ago

I rather pay $1.99 for the motorstorm suit, than 3.99 Euros for a t-shirt

Fruit Loops3656d ago

whatever you say bren, im still getting the animal pack. ANIMAL PACK FTW!

Algullaf3656d ago

and go pay to play online.

Bren863656d ago

yh it is a rip of though, what fool in there right mind would pay for this ****, well only fanboys would. It wouldn't even make you look good or however you want it to make you look, if someone sees you with this **** online they will just think wow that fool actually payed for that crap haha.

nycredude3656d ago

It is only a couple of dollars. There are alot of people who pa for stuff online that be called questionable (i.e. Live) but does that make them fools? No, it is their money and their choice. Who are you to judge them. And besides it is only a couple of dollars.

Let me ask you, do you ever eat a bagel or butter roll or have a cup of coffee in the morning? How much do you pay? A buck or two? Now how much do you think it cost?

NickIni3656d ago

If you care that much about what people think of how you spend your money whilst playing online. You have a serious problem.

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Snukadaman_3656d ago

Horse armor at least helped in giving your horse armor protection..but jeez...terrible pricing on these things.

SonySoldierEternaL3656d ago

beats having to pay for $5 just for a new pair of shoes on the New Xbox Experience

enjoy your wii-avatar rip-offs

Yoma3656d ago

so what you pay double for everything in/from your xbox lagg service

ultimolu3656d ago

Sure beats paying $50.00 a year. :)

EastCoastSB3656d ago

I'll buy new levels, but not costumes, unless they're THAT GOOD. I mean, you can make a ton of cool costumes with the stuff you already have.

-GametimeUK-3656d ago

just make the level yourself lol

EastCoastSB3656d ago

If only I were creative. lol

And to clarify, the levels would have to be extremely cool.

krouse933656d ago

yeah but you can make cooler costumes with these costume parts :) and yes i am looking for some developer DLC Levels.

Skyreno3656d ago

i dont know about you guys but im buying costumes all of them ^^, the motorstorm well that im not buying

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