1UP: Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Review

1UP writes: "Seriously, what took so long? After a three-year stretch between Tecmo Super Bowl on Genesis and Tecmo Super Bowl on PlayStation, the wait for Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff has quadrupled. Twelve years later, fans of this football old-schooler finally have the chance to be fully flushed with sentimentality.

While I rooted for this to be the greatest comeback in sports-gaming history, the joy and simplicity don't overcome its many frustrating fumbles. Within minutes of kickoff, I found that Tecmo's largely ignored the little fact that other football games have improved and evolved since 1996. Kickoff sticks to a now-dated formula: Instead of pressing a corresponding button to throw to a particular player (like in Madden) you'll have to scroll through receivers, leading to way too many unintended throws. And if you do connect on a long bomb, forget about high-steppin' your way to an 80-yard score; over the course of an entire season, my biggest gain was a measly 38 yards -- the elephant-herd D caught up and chased me down every single time."

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