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Submitted by Hagaf22 2574d ago | review

Gamerlimit: Resistance 2 Review- Mildly Disappointing

Gamer Limit: "Two years ago Resistance: Fall of Man was release was premier launch title for the Playstation 3. It was the one must have for PS3 owners for several months after the launch. To most who played it, the story was engaging, the gameplay was solid and multiplayer held its ground. 2 years later Insomniac Games is eagerly ready for the release of its sequel. The masses of PS3 owners have waited for this, but is it the game every one has been waiting for? Insomniac has promised massive 60 player matches, multiple campaigns, and an unforgettable experience. So does Insomniac deliever on its promises?" (PS3, Resistance 2) 8.5/10

kornbeaner  +   2574d ago
OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!

FLAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
faisdotal  +   2574d ago
In before the crowd.

Theo Paphitis FTW.
InMyOpinion  +   2574d ago
Gamerlimit owned by Microsoft: confirmed.
johover112  +   2574d ago
??????? lol
"Mildly Disappointing",,,,but a 8.5? damn, people these days are getting stupider by the second. I owned R2 (Collector's Edition) and i'm completely satisfy with the game. i won't say it's a perfect 10 (like Metal Gear Solid 4) but it's not "Mildly Disappointing."
PS3n360  +   2574d ago
And I quote "stupider". Oh the irony.
Zanzu  +   2574d ago
Pretty poor review, not because its an 8.5 but because in Gameplay, Graphics and Lastability all score 9 and Sound scores an 8, which brings down the total review to 8.5, since I believe sound is the least important in FPS I would think they aggregate score would be boosted to a 9.

Also the multiplayer isnt fun? Im sure hes just too frustrated to get past the initial learning curve.
kornbeaner  +   2574d ago
Sound in any game is probably the most important part.

Imagine firing any weapon in any shooter and the sound coming from that gun is "MOOO!!!!!!!!" or when in a dark room you here a chair move and it sounds like water dripping.

Sound is a very important part of any game, while I don't think R2 suffers that much when it comes to sound an "8" for sound is pretty low.
poopsack  +   2574d ago
i dont know about that score for sound, hearing the bullseye go off pumps me for some reason.
Panthers  +   2574d ago
I havent played too much multiplayer, but I didnt see that many snipers at all. I do think it would have been better to have weapon pickups instead of just picking them.
-GametimeUK-  +   2574d ago
@ Kornbeaner
"Imagine firing any weapon in any shooter and the sound coming from that gun is "MOOO!!!!!!!!" or when in a dark room you here a chair move and it sounds like water dripping."

PS3n360  +   2574d ago
nothing more satisfying
than the sound of bullets ripping into the enemy in COD4, That ripping sound is music to my ears. I agree that sound is really important and if you have a real sound system it is at least 30-40% of the experience.
Fullish  +   2574d ago
Solid Review
A good review, it's nice to see someone with an opinion.
skynidas  +   2574d ago
dude, check your pm
Gue1  +   2574d ago
i already beat R2 twice on hard and superhuman. i know the game's awesome and i'm playing the co-op like crazy so, i don't need more reviews to convince me of anything. ;-)
kornbeaner  +   2574d ago
Bubbles for you for not caring and having fun with a game.

What a crazy Idea. :)
Torch  +   2574d ago
"...i don't need more reviews to convince me of anything."

Understatement of the century, my friend. More bubbles for your common sense.

Thank heavens I don't rely on reviews to buy games, or I may have missed out on the best FPS I've ever played in my life (and I'm counting my long-standing sweetheart, the Half-Life series in that equation).

The scale, detail and chaos this game dishes out is HUGE, and unmatched by anything I've yet to see (although It's to my understanding from numerous Beta testers that Killzone's likely to take the crown, come early next year.)

Yeah, this onslaught of R2-downplaying reviews was pretty much the last nail in the coffin as far as the already-questionable credibility of these <ahem> "professional" reviewers are concerned.

I was already burnt bad enough by getting suckered into the GTA4 hype, inaccurately overrated by the horde of head-scratching perfect scores the game received - and regret my purchase (and misplaced confidence) as a result.

Bottom line: If you're an FPS fan, I URGE to you give this game a go. It is hands-down, A-MAZ-ING!!!

Easily a solid 9.5 out of 10.

(Hey, THEY can score it; so why shouldn't I?) ;)
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Peekay  +   2574d ago
just weird - the reviews are split into two groups. Half the reviews say that campaign mode isn't up to par, then the other half like this review denounce multiplayer. What are the chances that some of these reviewers didn't even play the first title....
rbluetank  +   2574d ago
great point! Zanzu
people have to play through the learning curve in order to have fun with R2. i wish i could change the grenades for ever weapon i choose. i like the flame gerenades but it comes with the sniper rile and the pistol. i hated that combo at first. now i kick astray on R2 with that combo. i pick up what ever i need form the dead bodies on the ground in the game.... i going to start a game right now... out!! fyi bubbles for you...
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aiphanes  +   2574d ago
This is still tbest FPS on any console...
If you guys are on the fence...this game is totally awesome. The campaign mode is killer..the sound is killer...its in 7.1 DTS!!!!!

The co-op is to die is the most fun you will ever have playing a FPS till Killzone 2 comes out.

The only thing Halo 3 has over it is the forge.

R2's 8 way online coop is to die for.

And for those that do not know the graphics are better in the campaign mode vs the co-op and competition mode...but the graphics are still killer in all modes.

There is no lag, no screen tearing, there is just solid 30 fps plus graphics going on in this game.
RememberThe357  +   2574d ago
Well put.
The game is awsome. I'd like to add to that by saying; if your on the fence about this game, rent it, try it out, and if you like it pick it up. I think I can safely say that we'd all love to see you online.
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Nathaniel_Drake  +   2574d ago
I can attest to the graphics being the best FPS to date, when I landed the first time in Chicago, DAMN!!!! You overlook a broken road full of realistic water, I mean I didn't move to the next scenario, the guy kept saying "This way lieutenant" but I just looked long at the scenery, sort of reminds of New York in Cloverfield

And the story is amazing, the reviewers that are saying its stale have not fully played the game, the cinematics whoop, I'm still in the middle of the game and its only getting better
PotNoodle  +   2574d ago
I was sure
I've been seeing reviewers saying that the story mode maintains a 60fps pretty much all the time, not sure about the online play though - not out here in europe for another few weeks.
Homicide  +   2574d ago
This game is amazing. It has everything you want. Platforming, running for you life, hundreds of enemies running towards you, chills, thrills, etc. This game will last people years with it's amazing co-op and multiplayer.
SketchCA  +   2574d ago
@ 6.2
Yeah no doubt! I loved the San Francisco skyline when you emerge from the base for the first time. Breathtaking. They put work into it and it definitely shows. Made you really feel the hopelessness of the situation.
masterofpwnage  +   2574d ago
of course its mildly disappointing
imean its a ps3 exclusive.

but if its a multi or 360 ex

it would have gotten of course 10/10
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InMyOpinion  +   2574d ago
Like Banjo you mean?
Sarcasm  +   2574d ago
Nah not like Banjo, that game would suck on any console.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2574d ago
More excuses :)
i_like_ff7  +   2574d ago
W/e its their opinion
Panthers  +   2574d ago
I would give this game a 9. Ive only played SP and I love it. THe game is awesome and the ending is huge. Cant wait for the next one. Now I gotta play Co-Op and Competitve.
SF49er420  +   2574d ago
resistance 2 is dope
great graphics and pacing. but people ie sony fanboys who rip on halo 3 for being the same and gears 2 and fable 2 as being the same and the original and still praise resistance 2 are idiots. resistance 2 is simply resistance 1 with superior graphics and story. games dope, but dont rip 360 sequals for not reinventing the wheel. resistance 2 is the same as resistance 1 just better in every way. game feels like halo 3 too, the spaceship level is halo in every way. even the see through floors and elevators feel like halo. not a bad thing
RememberThe357  +   2574d ago
The fact that I liked this game alone shows that its different.
Resistance was not that big of a deal to me. With R2 Insomniac upgraded everything. The graphics are better, the gameplay is tighter, the scale is gigantic, and the multiplayer is insane. Honestly, R2 is not more of the same, it is a giant step forward. The problem I have with the Halo franchise is that it never seems to grow. I loved the first, hated the second, and thought the third was OK. Insomniac has already done better with Resistance than Bungie did with Halo. I know a lot of people love those games but seeing as I loved Halo so much my expectations for Halo 2 and 3 were just not met as they were with Resistance 2.
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mrdxpr2  +   2574d ago
I love the campaign the co-op is great and multyplayer sweet its an all around good game and the trophies just made the game great..
Bladestar  +   2574d ago
sounds about right... 8.5 is a great score...
eXo8  +   2574d ago
Yes 8.5 is a good score but R2 deserves higher. 8 on sound? MP isn't fun? Give me a break. R2 easily has some of the best MP action of ANY console game.
InMyOpinion  +   2574d ago
R2 is good, not epic.
Narutone66  +   2574d ago
Here's a review from ars technica
They say that R2 is better than GeoW2.
RememberThe357  +   2574d ago
Thats great...
fufotrufo  +   2574d ago
so? and you can find even more sites saying otherwise
DNAgent  +   2574d ago
It is disappointing.
I liked the story mode in the first game rather than the 2nd game but the 2nd game has better multiplayer. I predicted what would happen for the ending in the 2nd game and I was right. The story is just too predictable (though Resistance isn't known for the story anyways so it's not a big deal).

In any case, I think it's only worth a rental at best. I'll be looking forward to Killzone 2 since Killzone is the shooter that has a good story and good multiplayer.
Traveler  +   2574d ago
I agree with you that the campaign in R2 is worse than the campaign in R1 and that it is the other way around in terms of the multi-player, but I still think the game is worth buying if you have the money. I would buy Gears 2 first, and if you have the money get Resistance 2 as well.
ultimolu  +   2574d ago
Good score.
This game rocks either way.
theEnemy  +   2574d ago
I kinda agree with the sound. I think it could be better.

And the ending could also be better, because I think R2's ending is so predictable.

I had a blast though, thanks Insomniac :)

Now on to COOP MODE!
SketchCA  +   2574d ago
Really? I was actually really suprised. I would have thought there would have been some sort of "happier" ending. I dunno.
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L Ronald Hubbard  +   2574d ago
Scores are great, so is this game.
#18 (Edited 2574d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
InMyOpinion  +   2574d ago
So are you Ron, master of the universe!
Crazywhitie  +   2574d ago
I Think the hype for this Game was to high for what we got... I Beat the Single Player in 9hr 13mins on the hardest setting.. what a Joke, the Co-op Campaign isn't that.. It's co-op Mission style 8 players which yes was pretty fun the first few times.. you'll start a game with 8 player when everyone loads in you only have 4 or less... and the online is the same old same old..... Too Many Games coming out for this one to be a hit for everyone, xbox people will be all about gears 2.. While PS3 and Xbox now have COD5 which Single Player is Amazing and not for kids... R2 should get an 9.0
PotNoodle  +   2574d ago
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2574d ago
why don't you compare Bioshock to it, it got GOTY just last year.
karlostomy  +   2574d ago
a good review and honest score.

Let's hope that this is a new trend in sonyland.
JackBauerIsHIGH  +   2574d ago
Good review...
but I disagree with the score it received for the sound. This game is downright creepy because of the ambient sound and each weapon/enemy has a distinct sound that sets it apart from any game. I would have given this game a 9.5 for sound and overall score of 9.3

That said, I do respect his reasoning (he is one of our regular members).
mt  +   2574d ago
R2 didn't get what it deserved it deserves more than that .
i hope sells going well for it
steck67  +   2574d ago
A great score for a great game.
BYE  +   2574d ago
8.5 is exactly what I expected after playing the beta, the full version must be great.
timmyrulz  +   2574d ago
oh look at the average score for this game its the same as fable 2, does that mean this game is a flop as well then (aimed to all those who said fable 2 was a flop)
Figboy  +   2574d ago
now that i've finally beaten the campaign mode as of last weekend,
i can say that the single player in R2 is AWESOME.

the story is really good, better than i was anticipating, and there are quite a few shocks in store for fans of the series. the plot twists are damn good.

the set pieces in this game are excellent as well. which i imagine was hard for Insomniac, because the ENTIRE game feels like one big, intense set piece. even the regular old battles with the Chimera are tense and deadly.

i'm playing through a second time on Difficult, and it most certainly is. i've died quite a few times, because it's just a brutal game. the Chimera have some of the best AI i've seen in a game since the original F.E.A.R. on the PC (although Uncharted and MGS4 also have some fantastic enemy AI).

enough has been said about the multi-player. it's simply classic, so i'll focus on the single player: it's GOOD.

people will whine and nitpick about it, but it's really good.

what makes it even BETTER the second time around, however, is that when you beat the game, you unlock "Bonus Options," in the campaign menu. this menu has extra features you can turn on and adjust like "Motion blur," "Depth of Field" effects, and render modes (like Black and White, Sepia, and Nuclear Winter).

it's amazing how much BETTER the game looks when you turn on Motion Blur and set it to Medium, then turn on Depth of Field, and set it Medium also.

all those folks whining about Insomniac's sparse use of motion blur and depth of field now have their answer: they let YOU decide how much of both you want. some games overdo both effects, and this is a cool bonus.

what makes these Bonus Options even better for me is that they are tied to the Trophies. once you have 15 Bronze Trophies, for example, you'll be able to unlock the Motion Blur and Depth of Field options in the bonus menu.

i've never been a fan of Trophies or Achievements. i think they're pointless because i just don't CARE about bragging rights, or having a higher gamer score than my buds or random strangers on the network.

HOWEVER, when a developer ties the Trophies/Achievements into the GAME itself, it interests me more. in Uncharted, the points you get for the Trophies you earn can be used to unlock extras like character skins, rendering modes, unlimited ammo, weapon select, super slow motion, fast motion, mirror world, etc. basically, i GET STUFF for getting Trophies, instead of just having the bragging rights to say, "hey, i got all the Trophies in Uncharted!" um, yay? i guess?

Resistance 2 has already been worth the $60 many times over, and with the co-op that i've barely scratched the surface on (and i also i haven't touched competitive since the beta; it's been all co-op since i picked it up), and i'm going through the story mode again on difficult, to unlock the uber difficulty setting. i may even play it on "Arcade Mode," which gives you a set number of lives, like an old school video game.

and who knows if Insomniac are going to support the game with content later on. god knows it's chock full of enough content to keep players busy for a long time to come.

if i HAD to give the game a score, i'd give it a 9.5/10. Insomniac clearly puts a lot of heart and effort into their titles, and the fact that they've released FOUR Playstation 3 games in the past 2 two years, and each one has been of impeccable quality is simply amazing (Resistance, Ratchet: TOD, Ratchet: QFB, and Resistance 2 are wonderful games).

whether you love the PS3 or not, Insomniac deserves some kudos and respect for being a "GAMER'S developer." they love video games, and i have no doubt that regardless of the system they create games for, they will continue to make games for GAMERS, and damn good ones.
SketchCA  +   2574d ago
Hear hear!!
Jolly good comment my good sir!
Figboy  +   2574d ago
thanks Sketch,
although i couldn't help but read your comment in Zap Brannigan's voice. lol.
Sarcasm  +   2574d ago
I agree with the motion blur and Depth of Field. Personally I set just the depth of field to Low and it seems to be more than enough without being too blurry.

IMO it makes the game look much much better. I don't know why Insomniac didn't just leave it on.
Blu Ray3  +   2574d ago
Great game R2 is.
Just checked it out at a buddies house,and I'm off to buy it come Friday.

Eff the reviews!
dale1  +   2574d ago
i don,t get this game to the 28th here in the uk but day one purchase for me,i liked the first and the second looks way better,no two bit one page cheap ass site will change my mind.
JohnnyChimpo  +   2574d ago
Since when did reviews come some damn popular, I can't believe the amount of reviews that gets approved here. Since this new generation of gamers has emerged it seems that reviews are now their main source to whether or not the game will be good. Let me square it up for you, Reviews are done by some goof who knows it's more important to have his 500 word review ready by such time in order to meet deadlines, rather then actually get into the game, feel the story, soak in the visuals, hear the sounds. These reviewrs are over payed fruits who make a living bashing other peoples hard earned work, which some developers see as art. Reviewers are garbage and the more you soak in their BS the more reviews you will see, Metacritic, and all other review sites and crappy personal blogs ( like anyone really cares what you think ) need to be shut down, if you want to know how the game is, please play it. Don't take some 45 yr old mans word on if the game deserves the GOTY award ( which btw is an extremely stupid term, but you guys continue to use it like fish to water ) And then you jump on here to pump out even more stupid internet terms like pwned and other crap like that.

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