1UP: Call of Duty World at War Review

1UP writes: "After Call of Duty 3, many longtime series fans -- myself included -- were skeptical at the prospect of future Treyarch-developed titles. Call of Duty 3 disappointed a lot of players -- especially when Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out just a year later and blew it out of the water. Call of Duty 3 didn't bring enough to the franchise to make it feel like much more than a generic retread of Call of Duty 2. This time around, though, Treyarch hits us with a solid game, taking several cues from Modern Warfare and crafting something that manages to stand on its own as the most visceral Call of Duty to date...even if it's still a few paces behind Infinity Ward's offerings".

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Zip3686d ago

ok im not into the US note system, is a B good?

sunnygrg3686d ago

B is, I guess, an average.

I have the game and while it was fun the first few hours or so, I am getting tired of it now. I have invested about 13 days of my time into COD4 to get the final prestige, but I dont think it will get past the 1st prestige in Waw. Just crappy guns, nothing else.

Lifendz3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I don't know what school you went to, but B is above average in most schools across the US. C is actually average. D being below average...and so on and so on.

Not a bad score for this game. I don't know how someone with either a PS3 or 360 could find the time to play this, Gears and/or R2, and still get some COD4 in once and awhile, but hey, I guess that's what Christmas break is for.

Sitdown3685d ago

Most schools in the US have a five point letter grade system: A, B, C, D & F. As you can see, "B" is above "C" is average.

jtucker783685d ago

B means that 1up don't think this game is as good as Wii Music.

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heroicjanitor3686d ago

Generally if a magazine gives a game a 10 it will be universally acclaimed so what the hell? If a game is worth a 10 won't everyone see that?

WhittO3686d ago

i just dont like COD5 because its just another WW2 shooter, there is too many of them!

Now,maybe if it was WW3? Now THAT would get me interested!

(plus with R2 out COD5 fails in comparison lol)

3685d ago
wiiismybaby3685d ago

And this is a fair assessment. Anything from B to an A would justify this game correctly. Think of this game as a bloodier COD4 with WW2 paint job/weapons. there are cool new perks and attatchments, but the conept is the exact same. It plays extremely similar as well. The maps are beautiful, and the campaign is epic...just short of COD4 epic(more bloody and brutal though).

If you liked COD4 but got a little bored of the same old maps, pick this up. you'll get addicted to COD all over again.

As f or those who are tired of WW2, this is the best WW2 shooter ive ever played and maybe ever made. It's a fresh WW2 experience and I reccomend it. If you werent the biggest COD4 fan...and didnt play it much, but bought it might be best off holding off because its not THAT different from COD4

Sarcasm3685d ago

And it seems that this is the last WW2 shooter we'll see for awhile. Seeing as how the story is based on the end of the war.

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